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Advertising Account Manager Resume

With increasing demand among the client to promote their product in a better way, the demand for the position of Advertising Account Manager is also gaining momentum. In many large scale advertising firms, the role played by this particular position makes a lot of count. Clients are important assets of a firm and no firm can afford to lose its valuable assets. Therefore, Advertising Account Manager helps in maintaining client agency relationship. He/she is the one who represents the firm and deal with the clients. He/she is entitled to establish a good number of clients for the organization and maintain them so that both the client and the agency, equally get benefited.

If you are the one who is looking forward to pursue a career in this field, then take a look at different categories. The sample resume given below will help you further. You must have work experience of different advertising agencies to hold this position. Apart from that, you must also have a good command over the language to influence clients.

Jobs and Responsibilities

  • Addressing clients and letting them know about the company's policies and conditions

  • Establishing a healthy relation with the client, cultivating a sense of trust

  • Bringing out new plans with changing market scenario

  • Promoting agency's product successfully

  • Initializing innovative plans to promote agency products and services

  • Keeping a track of new development and incorporating them as per need

These are few on the job responsibilities of this particular position. However, it may vary from organization to organization. You must always be ready to serve the firm at your best will power. The following sample resume will guide you further.

Warren N. Klein
4365 Glendale Avenue
Fullerton, CA 93632

Phone: 725-155-3431

Email Address:


As a dedicated and committed professional, looking forward for greater responsibilities by serving the firm to meet organizational goal. With more than 4 years of experience, I look forward to serve the client with good gestures and excellent communication therefore benefiting both agency and client.


  • Management of reports and budgets

  • Taking review from the market

  • Preparing reports and projects based on the products

  • Data evaluation, market study and account management

  • Dealing with the downfall market situations

  • Quick decision making and good judgment in critical conditions


    • Effective communication skills with good body gestures

    • Maintain fair coordination with other members of the team and working as one team

    • Self motivated and self dependent

    • Expert in the field of marketing and dealing with clients

    • Having a prospective approach towards meeting the client's demand

    • Capabilities to create any new product under the planned budget

    Technical Skills

    • Completed certification course in Advanced Accounting Management software

    • Database management

    • Excel in Microsoft Office and Spreadsheets


    • PG in Master of Advertising Management from California Baptist University, scored grade 'A'

    • Diploma in Marketing Management from Mills College

    • Bachelor in Advertising and Public Relations from California Baptist University

    • Completed 6 month internship from an advertising firm in which

    Professional Experience:

    Watson Creations Limited, CA
    Designation: Account Executive

    Duration - April 2008 to Present

    Role and Responsibilities

    • Managed portfolios of different clients which generated maximum profit for the firm

    • Played a major role in delivering presentations that got appreciated by industry's major critic and therefore generated a handsome revenue

    • Worked under budget and created new products meeting the client's demand; keeping firm and client both satisfied

    • Followed an effective communication through a proper channel, leaving no scope of mismanagement

    Uber Advertisers Associate, CA
    Designation: Assistant Account Executive

    Duration - August 2005 to 2008

    Role and Responsibilities

    • Helped in filing of documentation for the ad campaign

    • Developed campaign related tools such as creative designs, templates, forms and project related spreadsheets

    • Conducted market research to read the customer behavior

    • Worked constantly on building networking, relationship and trustworthiness


    • Competed in a National level project during internship in which secured second position

    • Successfully managed a number of projects like ad campaign in the previous organization


    • Active member of Alumni Association of California University

    Mobility and Flexibility

    With versatile character and good communication skills, ensures authenticity of each project and ad campaign. A good knowledge of marketing know how also proves to be effective in critical conditions. Therefore, with all these skills and with experience in hand, ensures maximum revenue generation for the firm.


    I, hereby declare that all statements made above are true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

    Warren N. Klein

    By highlighting the achievements and putting stress on the roles and responsibilities played by you in different organization, you will be successful in attracting good number of recruiters towards your profile. With this sample Advertising Account Manager resume, create your own to land yourself in a complete new environment.

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