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Adoption Case Manager Resume

Resumes are expected to catch the eye of the recruiters immediately. A resume is the first impression the candidate makes on his potential recruiters. Needless to say, you are expected to be almost pitch perfect when it comes to organizing all your information down in your resume. "Pitch perfect" is the most suitable phrase to describe it, as a resume is all about pitching yourself to potential employers.

On this page in particular, we focus on an adoption case manager resume. Provided below, is not only a sample adoption case manager resume, but also job specifics pertaining to the profession of an Adoption Case Manager.

Job Specifics of an Adoption Case Manager Post

The Basic Duty of an Adoption Case Manager

As the word "manager" hints in the title of the designation, the basic function of an Adoption Case Manager is to organize, conduct, and coordinate the various programs undertaken by social service groups or community outreach non-profit organizations.

More specifically, an Adoption Case Manager has to perform the following job functions-

  • Raise funds for the various programs run by the community programs and social service bodies
  • Maintain the budgets of these aforementioned programs, and ensure that the monetary resources are handled properly by the social service parties
  • Oversee the recruitment process of the volunteers applying for different social service programs
  • Counsel independent NGOs and NPOs (non government organizations and non profit organizations, respectively), on accurately following legally laid down sanctions and guidelines
  • Organize fund raising activities, and also see to tie ups and payments of public relation partners

Required Skills for an Adoption Case Manager

  • Should be an excellent communicator
  • Should be a brilliant negotiator especially when it comes to collecting funds for various programs
  • Competent when it comes to managing the funds collected by and for the various organizations
  • Analytical sense for reviewing the backgrounds of volunteers applying for the programs. The same could be said when it comes to conducting background checks for the foster homes applying for adoption
  • A very social outlook in life; the acceptance to work more and to be paid less for immense personal efforts

Educational Requirements for an Adoption Case Manager

An Adoption Case Manager is expected to have a college degree, majoring in either Business Administration, Human Services, or Non Profit/ Organizational Management.

Now that we have checked the job information related to an Adoption Case Manager, it is time to finally see the sample resume for the profession. Note that the data presented here is copyrighted material, and that word for word duplication is strictly prohibited. However, you are free to use the sample resume outline as the template for your own resume.

Adoption Case Manager Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Raymond D. Sallee
Address: 2755 Green Hill Road, Springdale, AR 72764
Contact Info-
Telephone Number: 703 - 898 - 4240
Email ID:


To utilize my skills and experience in business administration, in order to serve in the highly respected field of adoption case management.

Skills Possessed by the Candidate Relevant to the Job at Hand

  • Fluent in communication, both in the oral and in the written sense
  • A personality apt for making negotiations, as it is persuasive, without going to the point of aggression
  • Excellent money management skills and abilities
  • Keen analytical sense to spot even the slightest of discrepancies in background reports of volunteers and parents applying to the adoption agencies
  • Prioritize social service over personal monetary gain

Previous Work Experience

Adoption Case Manager, Lima Heights Adoption Agency, Lima, OH

I previously served as an Adoption Case Manager at the Lima Heights Adoption Agency, Lima, Ohio, in the time interval between August 2010 and April 2012.

At Lima Heights, I was expected to perform the following tasks-

  • Review of social group volunteer resumes
  • Negotiation with various sources for financial donation to the funds maintained by the adoption agency, kept aside for the use of orphanages in the district
  • Counsel and guide applicants looking to adopt, on the adoption procedures in the state
  • Verify and cross-check backgrounds and financial stability of foster families applying for adoption

Educational Qualifications

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, University of Ohio, Ohio, Batch of 2010

Contact for further reference information

Make it a point to mention that you do not expect much in terms of personal monetary gain in your adoption case manager resume, for, you will not earn a lot in this profession, at least not in the initial phase. Aroj wishes you the very best on your job search!

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