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Universal Banker Resume

A universal banker deals in investments as well as other services related to loans and savings in banks. The resume sample provided below would help you to draft your resume for this post. Your resume for this post must highlight points such as your experience in sales and your ability to complete targets on time. A universal banker provides the customers, a medium through which they can stay in direct contact with the bank. He assures efficiency and quality in reference to the services provided.

You need to understand all the requirements of the customers and offer them all the available options. Ending the deal done is what you should have as your goal. The bank may have various services and products but providing the customers the perfect match to their needs is important to have them as permanent customers. He would also be responsible for managing the daily transactions. Managing the receiving and paying of amount and maintaining report comes under the task of a universal banker.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Finding out the needs of the potential customers and providing them with appropriate option
  • Maintaining good relation with the customers so that long term business relations can be maintained
  • Answering the queries of the customer
  • Making them aware of all the rules and policies before they invest so that they can choose their most appropriate plan
  • Receiving checks and cash from the customer as well as making payments
  • Keeping record of all the transactions occurring in the bank

Resume Sample 1

Rebecca P. Barajas
970 Edgewood Avenue
Fresno, CA 93721
Phone: 559-310-6765

Profile Summary:

  • Have been working in banking sector since 5 years
  • Have always succeeded in achieving the organizational goal within the time limit
  • Posses strong leadership skills and have utilized them in handling my subordinates

Work Experience:

American Bank, Moffat, Colorado, Year: 2009 - Present
Universal Banker

Job Responsibilities:

  • Helping customers to know their day to day transactions
  • Keeping record of their daily transactions
  • Helping them meet their financial needs
  • Assisting them to save money by making them aware of the plans available with the bank
  • Making sure that the customers get full benefit of the services and products
  • Maintaining a balance between the coin vault and the cash drawings

Syntel Financial Services, Larimer, Colorado, Year: 2007-2009
Universal Banker

Job Responsibilities:

  • Listened to the queries of customers and provided them with appropriate solutions
  • Have handled cash transactions related to both receiving and payments
  • Maintained accuracy in reports generated regarding the transactions of the bank

The Futurism Inc., Crow, Coorado, Year: 2005-07
Teller and Universal Banker

Job Responsibilities:

  • Worked with the cash department
  • Had direct conversation with the customers regarding their needs and made them aware of the options available to them
  • Solved various issues of the customers with proper guidance


Bachelor in Finance, Brandman University, California


  1. Robert V. Pridmore
    Loan Processor
    Stocker Financier Pvt. Ltd.
    75 Simons Hollow Road
    Wilkes Barre, PA 18701
    Phone: 342-345-5643

  2. Travis L. Lewis
    Loan Processor
    Axis Bank Pvt. Ltd.
    4515 Red Maple Drive
    El Monte, CA 91731
    Phone: 724-306-6716

Declaration: I declare that the information provided herein is true.

Rebecca P. Barajas

Resume Sample 2

Michael Davis
4874 Roane Avenue
Houston, TX 77028
Phone: 281-994-0499

Objective: Want entry in the field of banking and have desire to work as a Universal Banker at a reputed bank.

Work Experience:

Universal Banker
Granular Business Services, Delta, Colorado
January 2010-present

Job Responsibilities:

  • Assisting the management at the back office
  • Helping the manager in getting the cross checking of the reports
  • Helping the customers in getting their issues cleared
  • Using applications for works like reserve lines, deposits, credit cards, etc.

Alaska Pacific Bank, Juneau, Alaska
September 2008-June 2010 Universal Banker

Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintained good relation with the customers
  • Worked at various departments of the bank ranging from cash counter to the teller
  • Met customers and gave them detailed information regarding the services and the products available at the bank

Key Bank, Sitka, Alaska
July 2006-June 2008
Universal Banker

Job Responsibilities:

  • Helped the customers to find out the best deal for them
  • Assisted in selling loans as well as transactions related to receiving too
  • Performed payroll duties for the local office

Honors and Achievements
Received the employee of the month award


  1. Jennifer J. Lumpkin
    Bank Manager
    Newway Financier Pvt. Ltd.
    2227 Virginia Street
    Phone: 734-364-2536

  2. Robert C. Britt
    Loan Processor
    3873 Devils Hill Road
    Brookhaven, MS 39601
    Pittsburgh, PA 15222
    Phone: 354-364-2637

Declaration: I certify that the details provided with this document are true to the best my knowledge.

Michael Davis

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