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Job Description:

Since a computer teacher, your day might rely generally on the age as well as capability altitude of your students. Youthful classrooms would concentrate on keyboarding plus recognizing fundamental word processing and additional typical official plans in addition to Internet basics.

By older students, you may recommend higher classes within software programming, web design, hardware, database processing or additional complex office programs.

Laboratory trials for technology educational students could be further difficult and may occupy one or more of the given below innovations:

  • Animation
  • Computer programming
  • Automotive technology
  • Electronics
  • Digital photography
  • Multimedia applications
  • Lasers
  • Robotics
Others responsibilities contain:
  • Generates and performs project work procedures and modify as suitable to gather changing requirements and necessities.
  • Classifying resources desired and allocates individual tasks.
  • Administers everyday set features of a project as well as scope.
  • Analysis deliverables arranged by team prior to conveying to client.
  • Efficiently pertains our methodology and enforces
  • Accomplish the necessities of district's course program, by expanding and applying lesson strategies and demonstrate written proof of preparation.
  • Plan as well as organize open communication via carrying out conference among students, teachers, parents and principals.
  • Held continuing assessment of student accomplishment by informal as well as formal testing.
  • Serve up staff teams and be present at and participate into faculty meetings.

Following are the some skills which are essential for the technological teacher:

  • Spreadsheets skillfulness
  • Word processing skill
  • Database skills
  • Electronic presentation ability
  • Web site design skills
  • Web navigation skills
  • E-mail managing skill
  • Digital cameras
  • Computer network familiarity appropriate to your school structure
  • Windows explorer and file management skills
  • Must know how to download software from the Internet
  • Install computer s/w on a computer system
  • Webct or else blackboard training skills
  • Video conferencing skill
  • Computer associated storage devices (for example: cds, disks, usb drives, dvds, zip disks etc.)
  • Scanner understanding
  • Awareness of pdas
  • Excellent web knowledge
  • Educational copyright acquaintance
  • Computer safety knowledge
Objective Statements:
  • Seek for the post as a technology teacher to distribute all my technological knowledge.
  • A situation as a technology teacher so as to make use of earlier experience and ability to further grow up and build up the school plus the best of my skill.
  • In search of a position of a Technology Teacher in a well-known school moreover offer my superlative service to that institution.
  • Seeking a job as technology teacher in a reputed firm where I can utilize my team as well as leadership approach plus commitment, self-motivation and flexibility, by higher ethical standards.
  • Obtain technology teacher post to provide basic computer training and utilize software in favor of corrective education.
  • Dedicated, passionate, teacher seeking a position of technology teacher, teaching software skills into a public school.