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Job Description:

The Technology Manager informs to the Superior Administrative Officer and administers and offers hardware as well as software safeguarding, training plus consultation, and suggestions regarding upcoming planning and progress of resources.

Supplying these services within an efficient and well-organized manner will make certain maximum admittance to and execution of technological services plus resources.


  • Handle information technology and computer system.
  • Plan, arrange, direct, manage and estimate the procedure of information systems and (EDP) electronic-data processing
  • Develop as well as apply policies and measures for electronic-data processing and computer
  • systems operation and growth
  • Meet up the managers to converse system necessities, terms, costs and deadlines.
  • Employ and deal with information systems employees also service providers to design, build up, apply, function and manage computer as well as networks, telecommunications software and information systems.
  • Direct the computer system budgets and expenditures
  • Preserves a detailed awareness of the association and follows all managerial standards.
  • Maintains immediate supervisor well informed of actions and suggests corrective measures.
  • Handles and keep up Microsoft Windows appliances plus systems including however not restricted to Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft-Exchange.
  • Make sure technology is available and set with existing hardware as well as software.
Key Activities:
  • Trouble-shoot hardware, s/w and network system
  • Be aware of the entire hardware plus software
  • Be well-known with network operating system
  • Offer direction to latest users of obtainable technology
  • Instruct employees regarding potential utilization of obtainable technology
  • Educate staff in relation to fresh and probable use
  • Grant individual teaching and support on demand
  • Offer suggestion in relation to access details and support
  • Maintain existing and precise record of technology h/w, s/w and resources

The skills necessary for work function are:

  • Application programming
  • system design
  • data retrieval and
  • In-depth awareness of Microsoft along with further operating system applications.
  • Database establishment, specially the modification of database design, indexes and performance tuning views and understanding of SQL and PLSQL are essential skills.
Various most significant programming languages necessary are:
  • C++
  • scripting
  • HTML and
  • Web-based languages
Objective Statements:
  • I search for a position like a technology manager within a technology company where I could utilize my awareness interrelated to the technology, my job experience plus management ability and communication proficiency for the profit of the company. My learning qualification must assist me in performing the work proficiently.
  • Looking for a position as a technology manager that gives me a chance to contribute my educational ability, environment, and capabilities for the progression of company.
  • A place like a technology manager into the EDA industry which lets me utilizes my outstanding communication as well as presentation skill.