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Staff nurse is responsible to observing the improvement of patients and helping to care for injuries and poor health. Staff Nurse Job Job Description:

  • Providing complete patients care.
  • Ensuring compliance to nursing care procedures.
  • Recording and maintaining patient information as well as making changes in record as required.
  • Assessing and planning nursing care plans as per patients.
  • Establishing and maintaining neat and clean environment in hospital ward.
  • Performing duties in ambulance care and ICU department as necessary,
  • Collaborating with emergency department.
  • Regularly recording vital sings such as temperature, pulse, blood pressure of patients.
  • Preparing patients for treatment or tests.

  • Identifying and meeting patient's basic needs.
  • Assisting surgeons in emergency cases.
  • Building and maintaining good contacts with patients and their family members.
  • Maintaining medical equipment and supplies.
  • Replying visitor's inquiries in timely manner.
  • Helping patient or their family members to perform admission and discharge formalities.
  • Administering medications and treatments prescribed by physicians.
  • Taking part in doctor's rounds.


  • Wide experience in staff nursing field.
  • Ability to perform as a care giver with patients.
  • Good communication skills both verbal and written.
  • Detail knowledge of nursing care procedures.
  • Remarkable ability to handle nursing care plans in timely manner.
  • Capability to perform multiple nursing tasks.
  • Expert in medical report writing.
  • Strong ability to handle and control aggressive patients.
  • Excellent people management skills.
  • Advance knowledge of life support machines and other medical equipment.
  • Ability to cooperatively interact with health care professionals.
  • Good research and analytical skills.
  • Able to maintain patient's health history.
  • Great observation skills with strong leadership quality.
  • Extremely result oriented with helping and caring nature.

    Objective Statements:

  • A highly qualified and capable staff nurse with practical knowledge of nursing care procedures, and medical equipment, ability to provide direct patient care with capability to work with senior surgeons. Looking for the staff nurse job to maintain healthy environment in hospital and monitoring whole nursing staff.
  • A self starter staff nurse professional looking for the same job opportunity in result oriented hospital setting where I can apply my all nursing skills and other job qualities in order to provide complete nursing care for patients.
  • To secure a responsible job of staff nurse with progressive health care organization that allows me to utilize my previous job experience and skills. I would like to mention that I have two years of experience in nursing field with good knowledge of nursing practices which should assist me in my job performance.
  • Seeking a staff nurse position in health care center. I have wide range of nursing skills with capability to handle patients before and after surgery. I have done graduation in science with specialization in nursing that will help me in contributing in health care strategies.
  • Desire to perform as a staff nurse with well known hospital wherein my abilities and knowledge will have best implementation in health care procedures. Ability to perform medications and health care treatments as assigned by doctors in order to fast recovery of patient's illness.