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Nursing assistant is responsible to provide patient care and safe environment for the patients as well as to work under direction of nursing staff.

Job Description

  • Helping in implementation of nursing care plans.
  • Instructing patients to follow health care procedures.
  • Performing patient care such as shaving, bathing, dressing and oral care.
  • Answering to urgent phone calls and mails.
  • Maintaining infection control procedures and creating safe environment for patients and visitors.
  • Helping in shifting of patient.
  • Following consigned facility procedures and policies.
  • Maintaining admission as well as discharge papers of patients.

  • Maintaining confidentially about patients' heath condition.
  • Performing daily health care duties to provide positive healthcare services.
  • Collecting samples of urine, bloods and stools for the laboratory tests.
  • Perform germ-free dressing of injuries.
  • Providing enema to patients as instructed by physicians or doctors.
  • Preparing patient for operation by providing mental support.
  • Maintaining the ward neat and dirt free.
  • Handling ICU patients and keeping health improvement records on daily basis.
  • Participating in social health care activities.
  • Ability to effectively communicate with patients.
  • Exceptional knowledge of nursing care.
  • Experienced in field of nursing.
  • Possess strong ability to assist surgeons in Operation Theater.
  • Good capability to maintain hospital word and rooms.
  • Ability to provide basic needs to patients.
  • Very good interpersonal and organizational skills.
  • Profound capability to effectively operate medical equipment.
  • In depth knowledge of health care procedures and policies.
  • Great capability to work with health care professionals.
  • Exceptionally able to work in stressful environment.
  • Basic nursing assistant skills.
  • Capable to deal with computer operations.
  • Competent to handle patients before and after surgery.
  • Good negotiation skills.
Objective Statements:
  • I am experienced nursing assistant with two years of experience, looking for a nursing assistant position in a well established health organization where I can use and improve my clinical and nursing skills in order to perform various nursing duties.
  • I aim to achieve a full time job of nursing assistant in a private clinic which can make use of my knowledge in providing basic health care service such as bathing, dressing or shaving. I have completed graduation in field of nursing that should help me to get post of nursing assistant.
  • devoted, skilled and service-focused professional seeking a job of nursing assistant in reputed hospital or clinic where I can get opportunity to apply my job skills and qualification. I would like to point out that I have extensive experience in working with health care professionals and surgeons.
  • Experienced nursing assistant with helping nature, effective communication skills and basic health care nursing knowledge looking for the responsible job of nursing assistant. Willingness to work with experts in order to make my career in his field.
  • To obtain a challenging position as a nursing assistant, where exceptional patient focused care abilities, effective communication and interpersonal skills and leadership quality will have useful application in nursing procedures.
These objective statements will help you to prepare effective nursing resume sample and resume sample of nursing aide position.