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A Management Intern is responsible for performing various assigned duties under more experienced personnel.

Job Description:

The responsibilities or tasks of management interns generally vary according to the organization.

  • Establishing and maintaining long lasting relationships with customers.
  • Performing assigned tasks under the control of experienced workforce.
  • Interfacing with customers for technical inquiries.

  • Setting own performance goals with the senior management.
  • Receiving training and performing duties in particular department.
  • Understanding business policies and procedures.
  • Conferring with customers about the product available in the showroom.
  • Setting up and maintaining vendor's account.
  • Working closely with the marketing team.
  • Participating in on-line communities.
  • Working hard to achieve sales and customer service targets.
  • Ensuring proper maintenance of company assets.
  • Helping store manager in recruiting and staff management.
  • Attaining all management development t programs.
  • Providing regular performance feedback

Management interns have to gain following skills and capabilities.

  • In depth knowledge of Internet marketing.
  • Strong knowledge of advertising.
  • Proficiency in MS- Office suit and Internet applications.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Exceptional result oriented business approach.
  • Good problem solving skills with leadership ability.
  • Expert in decision making.
  • Familiarity with management and marketing internship principles.
  • Capable in organization and management.
  • Ability to understand business strategies and management planning.
  • Extremely goal oriented team player.
  • Excellent presentation and analytical skills.
  • Able to work under pressure environment.
  • Self confident with professional abilities.
  • Willingness to gain more experience in field of management.
Objective Statements:

Your resume objective is the one that exactly underlines your aims and ambitions in that field.

  • To achieve as much knowledge and experience in management field as achievable in order that I am capable to develop on my creativeness and all the other new skills and for the meantime also help the company with whatever I have learnt during internship.
  • Looking for the respective career in the field of management internship to make use of obtained managerial and specialized expertise. I am currently pursuing bachelor's degree of business administration in XYZ University.
  • To acquire a responsible management job position in a business firm by showcasing my management knowledge and strong leadership ability. My professional approach will help me to gain more experience in this field.
  • Seeming for a challenging and respective position of the Management Internship in the well established and profit oriented company with a view to utilize my hard working skills and knowledge for the advantage of the organization.
  • I am currently searching for the rewarding and exciting career chance, preferably at the level of manager. A job opportunity in company where I can get chance to make my career in this field with support and training.
  • Desire a management level position in business which provides challenging and extensive training. Prefer to use and improve my management and organizational skills obtained in the time of training.
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