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Job Description:

Following job description includes the responsibilities of the business administrator or related job position.

  • Performing the general filing system and official equipment
  • Organizing and managing preparation of monthly business conference
  • Advertising sales activities of company
  • Properly cooperating with staff
  • Contributing in recruiting and training programs for newly hired employees

  • Assisting employees to meet up their needs
  • Creating new products for selling purpose
  • Planning and approving budgetary plans for company
  • Occasionally operating the company branches
  • Working closely with chief management to constantly develop organizational systems
  • Examining stock records, sales targets
  • Evaluating organizational problems, performing research and presenting solutions
  • Providing sufficient settlements for employees
  • Completing current projects within deadlines
  • Dealing with other companies.
These are the some important duties for the post of business administrator.


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Capability to use leadership and teamwork skills
  • Understand how to use various tools for the effective management
  • Able to take quick decisions
  • Ability to work in international business job environment.
  • Skilled in new policy implementations
  • Able to work effectively within team
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Additional skills in computer related activities
  • Proven ability to run business in complex situations
  • Outstanding presentation ability
  • Extremely progressive and innovative
  • Ability to develop executive development plans
Above are the necessary skills and abilities for the business administrative job.


Following job objective statement should help you to prepare your resume for interview. Job objective is the essential part of your resume, so you have to write it properly.

  • Looking for the position as business administrator in well managed organization where I can use my skills and knowledge to perform my duties. I would like to state that I have completed my MBA from XYZ University.
  • To search a position as an administrative representative using the educational knowledge, abilities and experience of 5 years. I would like to use above facts for the growth of business.
  • To make use of my previous working experience and training to become an business administrator that values employees and efforts to generate high quality products.
  • Seeking for the job opportunity of Administration in business that utilizes my managerial knowledge, communication and professional skills for the benefits of company. I would like to contribute in the development of organization with my skills and knowledge.
  • In search of Business Administrator job position in admired industry that allows me to use my potential and develop my professional experience as business administrator.
Above are the some objective statements for the business administrative position.

Above are the objective statements for the administrator resume for all employment at one company job position.