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A medical technician cover letter ideally puts forth the candidate's proficiency in collecting, testing, and analyzing several specimens of patients for diagnosis of their health conditions. It should efficiently reflect the candidate's knowledge in diagnostic and analytical medical equipment, instruments, and modules pertaining to the medical treatments prescribed by physicians and surgeons within a given medical facility. The nature of the contents in your cover letter is likely to change with different profiles such as emergency medical technicians, veterinary assistants, lab technicians, surgical assistants, dental hygienists, pharmacy assistants etc.

Mention your familiarity with various medical instruments and equipment such as ultrasound equipment, dialyzers, electrocardiographs, electromyographs, and other lab equipment. Emergency medical technicians should highlight their efficiency in the support and treatment of patients by defibrillation, severe external bleeding control, splinting, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and body immobilization. Medical lab technicians should focus on their proficiency in performing tests on body fluids, blood, and skin samples for the diagnosis of diseases.

Cover Letter Example

Earl S. Anderson
2892 Lowland Drive
Sterling, IL 61081
(815) 441-3480
January 9, 2014

Carmen Severs
Medical Recruitment Executive
Garfield Medical Services
4134 Garfield Road
Peoria, IL 61602

Dear Ms. Severs,

I am writing this letter as a response to your job advertisement, posted on I hereby present my application for the position of a Medical Technician within your medical facility.

I have graduated from Louisiana Tech University in the field of Pharmaceutical Technology, in the year 2012. Soon after my graduation, I underwent a 12 months internship program in Columbus Medical Centre, OH, where I was working as an Associate Technician in the medical team, to provide assistance in testing and diagnosis of several diseases through blood and urine samples and other specimens.

Throughout my stay in Columbus Medical Centre, I had also been involved in operation and maintenance of radiological instruments and ultrasound equipment, while carrying out computerized axial tomography scanning and magnetic resonance imaging. I am proficient in preparation of operating rooms, providing patient care as well as operational assistance to physicians and surgeons, during surgeries, and carryout after-surgery activities like cleaning medical equipment and sterilizing surgical instruments.

I have enclosed my resume herewith, where you'd find detailed information about my academic and professional history. I humbly place before you, my request to consider my application favorably and provide me with an opportunity, so that I can express my interests, skills, and capabilities more effectively, thereby facilitating your decision in hiring me.

I am looking forward to meet with you and discuss your needs as an employer, and understand the vision of your organization, so that I can mold myself to become an efficient part of your medical team. You may contact me anytime during the week, if you wish to discuss my application in detail.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for your interest in my application and I hope to see myself as a part of your medical team and work my way towards increasing its efficiency, eventually gaining expertise within the technical sector of medicine.

Sincere regards,

Earl Anderson

Enclosure: Resume

Closely study the layout of the cover letter sample presented above, to get a clear idea as to how you need to present your profile effectively and earn the opportunity of an interview and you can also refer and draft a resume for pharmacy technician.

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