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Cosmetics or make-up supplies, whether natural, herbal or synthetic require knowledge of their usage and application styles, before being actually used. Cosmetologists are professionals who expertise in the same. There is a huge demand of skilled cosmetologists in almost every relevant sector such as cinematic world, health care, and even for personal care causes. Thus, depending upon the sector one has an aptitude to work in, cosmetic resume should be appropriately designed. The resume would in turn define the actual message to be conveyed through the accompanying cosmetologist resume cover letter.

Cover Letter Sample
(For experienced candidate with a reference)


William O. Murray
1683 Richland Avenue
Sugar Land
Texas - 77478
United States
Tel: (281) 270 7014

Date: January 19, 2014

Mary G. Wilcox
Glamor Beauty World
488 Waterview Lane
White Lakes
New Mexico - 00875
United States
Tel: (505) 422 6067

Ref: Sullivan S. Thomas, Chief Cosmetics Instructor, Emerald Fashion Institute, Silver City, New Mexico

Dear Ms. Wilcox,

I am sending this mail in reply to your conversation with Mr. Sullivan S. Thomas for the opening of a Cosmetologist at your 'Glamor Beauty World' saloon. I am excited to hear about the opportunity, and would like to submit my candidature for the same. I have enclosed my updated resume for your review.

You will note that I have 5 years of experience working as a cosmetologist. Though I specialize in facial cosmetic treatments, I have gained expertise over other skills, such as pedicure, manicure etc., as imbibed by experience. I am well versed with different techniques and recent developments in the cosmetics field. My profound knowledge of different products and their basic constituents helps me to provide the best of suggestions for my customers, which ensures maximum satisfaction.

I also hold a valid cosmetologist license and have mastered the art of cosmetologist from the renowned Duvall's Institute of Cosmetology. My clients have appreciated me for services delivered by me, and I am proud to have loyal customers. I am sure, if given an opportunity, I would be able to repeat the same performance at your saloon as well, and be an eminent member of your team.

Thank you for your time and consideration, waiting for a favorable reply.


William O. Murray

Encls: Resume

Cover Letter Example
(For inexperienced candidate)


Michael S. Pimentel
1285 Kelly Street
North Carolina - 28206
United States
Tel: (704) 906 5061

January 19, 2014


Donna L. Noel
HR Manger
Aries Skin and Laser Center
4635 Cottrill Lane
Saint Louis
Missouri - 63129
United States
Tel: (314) 416 7023

Dear Ms. Noel,

I am writing this letter with reference to the job advertisement in the daily paper 'Herald House' dated January 19, 2014; for the opening of Cosmetologist at your upcoming center at Charlotte, North Carolina. Please find enclosed my resume for your consideration.

I have recently graduated from the Anson School of Cosmetology, and have specialized in skin treatment (face). I am well aware of recent cosmetic practices, and new treatments in the market. The training received as part of the course curriculum has imparted me with the necessary experience to deliver the best of treatment experiences for our customers. I am familiar with the cosmetic products in the market, their composition, and recommended application styles. Being a native of the town, I also have adequate knowledge of other saloons and cosmetic centers, and services offered by them.

I am sure my skill-sets would make an efficient employee, and help contribute towards achieving the goals satisfactorily. I would appreciate, if given an opportunity to meet you in person, and discuss my skill-sets, and ways to bring them to the best use possible.

Thanking you for your time and consideration.


Michael S. Pimentel
Enclosure: Resume

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