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A sample cover letter for computer programmer job.

A computer programmer's resume cover letter needs to portray your adeptness and reflect your skills, both technical and transferable while focusing on your awareness about various computer languages and your familiarity with coding. As far as a computer programmer is concerned, one needs to be great with their computer skills in order to excel in the field of programming. Here, your academic history is of less significance and you as a candidate applying for the position of a computer programmer, should shed the light over your previous work experience.

Following are a few points to be kept in mind while writing a computer programmer resume cover letter -

  • Go through the organization's website once before you start writing your cover letter to let the reader know that you are aware of the company's area of expertise; besides, this will help you make the letter personal
  • Keep your letter to one page only as far as possible, for your recruiter can't afford to spend much time on one candidate as he might be having hundreds of other applications to go through
  • Highlight all the programming languages that you are aware of, if possible with the degree of familiarity
  • Do not miss out on any technical skills because the more you know, more are your chances to be given an interview. But in that case, do not overstate your capabilities for you will then be subject to the consequences
  • If you have received any awards or rewards in your previous employment or during your academics, make sure that you enlist them only if you are sure that those accomplishments are relevant to the type of the job you are applying for
  • Make sure you write a couple sentences on how you will use your abilities to contribute to the company's growth and do mention if you have used any to face challenges in your previous organization
  • Finally, thank the reader for showing his interest in your application and for giving you this opportunity to display your talent

Below are free samples of computer programmer resume cover letters that have been provided for your reference -

1. Computer Programmer Resume Cover Letter Sample (for experienced candidates)

Mr. James Power
3728 Ben Street
Colonie, NY 12205
Ph. No: 518 - 213 - 1958

Ms. Vicki Terry
Human Resources
Jason Hill InfoTech
17 Stanley Civic Center
Massapequa, NY 11758

Sub: Job Application for the post of Sr. Software Programmer

Dear Ms. Terry,

With regards to your job vacancy posted on US mail dated November 17th 2011, I hereby extend my application seeking a career opportunity within Jason Hill InfoTech for the position of Sr. Software Programmer. I am an IT engineer graduated from NYC College and then moved on to pursue my interests and work as a Software Programmer in Accenture, NY from April 2009 till September 2011.

During my stay in Accenture I developed my technical and programming skills to find myself ready and confident enough to face any challenges within the sector as of now. My close familiarity with C++, Java, .Net, Oracle, Borland and SQL Server Express has imparted essential computer programming knowledge within me that has helped me grow within the sector. My knowledge in programming has helped me in dealing successfully with situations and challenges in my previous employment thereby guiding me as well as the team closer to the organizational goals. Details of my job responsibilities are provided in my resume attached herewith.

Upon joining Jason Hill InfoTech as a Sr. software programmer, I will be glad to put my knowledge to test ultimately contributing to the organization's growth by helping the team/department move forward and parallel to the vision, with the help of my technical as well as transferable skills.

Kindly consider my application favorably. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your consideration. You may contact me anytime during the week in order to discuss my profile in detail or maybe discuss why I chose to switch jobs.

Sincerely yours,

James Power

Enclosure: Resume

2. Computer Programmer Resume Cover Letter Sample (for inexperienced candidates)

Mr. Stephen Cowan
1767 Walton Street
Pampa, TX 79065
Ph No: 801 - 429 - 8536

Mr. David Lewis
Human Resources
Falcon Technologies
40 Emma Street
Houston, TX 77087

Sub: Job Application for the position of Software Developer

Dear Mr. Lewis,

With reference to your advertisement for a job vacancy published in US mail dated November 21st, I would like to put forth my job application for the position of Software Developer within your esteemed organization. To give you a brief idea of my academic background, I have completed my graduation in engineering in the field of IT from University of Phoenix as of August 2011.

I have secured 67.35% after my final assessments and have been placed in Grade B. Although my academic history might not seem attractive or efficient, I have a great hands-on approach on tools such as Turbo C, Sun Java, Borland and Visual Studio as I have been practicing coding myself at home for quite a while now. I have also stated details of my project briefly in my resume attached herewith.

Besides, I have always aspired to be an IT professional and not only develop my skills that would help me grow within the field, but also use my innovative and creative abilities to suggest desirable changes in the system of an organization once I get a clear idea of it and encourage the team into taking a step towards innovation by being an efficient team player. Upon joining your team, I promise to make best use of my creative skills to help the organization grow thereby contributing to increase its popularity in the market.

I would like to thank you for showing your interest in my application and I appreciate your consideration. You may contact me anytime in order to further discuss my application or if you wish to know more about my projects.

Sincere regards,

Stephen Cowan

Enclosure: Resume

Make sure you customize the content of your cover letter while referring to the above samples of software programmer resume sample cover letter. Also check out for example of air force computer engineer resume and sample of computer programming resume.

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