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A chief dietician cover letter displays a candidate's ability to plan and formulate food menus and diet programs, in accordance with various nutritional practices and sanitation and safety standards. The candidate should include essential information pertaining to his understanding in the prevention and treatment of illnesses by means of prescribing healthy diet modifications and suggesting nutritional eating habits.

A chief dietician is also required to showcase his familiarity with the coordination of various interdepartmental administrative activities pertaining to diet consultation services. If you are engaged or interested in educational services, then you need to display your proficiency in research and implementation of nutritional habits in medicine, to supplement the medical treatment of patients with a variety of health related issues or disorders.

Important points to be considered while highlighting your knowledge

You are required to coordinate with physicians and health care providers, to determine nutritional needs of patients with diabetes, renal disease, obesity, osteoporosis etc and suggest modified diets, aimed at improving their health conditions. Therefore, it is essential that you include your efficiency in such practices, in a cover letter.

You may also need to mention your familiarity with oncology, pediatrics, micronutrients research, and gerontology, depending upon the nature of job that you are applying for. For e.g., if you are a research dietician, then you need to display your ability to conduct dietetics-related research in various establishments like hospitals, universities, pharmaceuticals industries, government agencies etc. Whereas, a business dietician cover letter should highlight the candidate's expertise in providing nutritional guidance and opinions to people through media and marketing.

Sample Cover Letter

Brian D. Osborn
1113 Oakmound Drive
Chicago, IL 60609
(773) 376-6064

Barbara Simpson
Sr. Management Dietician
E.J. Korvette's Clinic
1559 Oakmound Road
Chicago, IL 60606

Dear Dr. Simpson,

I noticed your advertisement for a job vacancy in your clinic, published in the January, 2014 issue of Health and Nutrition and I am pleased to present to you my application for the position of a Chief Dietician within your establishment. I am a bachelor of science in Catering sciences, studied from the Metropolitan Institute of Health Sciences, Chicago, and completed in 2009. Since Oct 2009, I have been working in diet and nutrition sector, my most recent employer being the University of Texas, where I was working as a research dietician.

Throughout my previous employment, I had been engaged in the research and implementation of various nutritional needs, simultaneously formulating nutritional menus for the students, while adhering to the health and sanitation policies and the budget set by management dietician. Working as a dietician for 4 years, has helped me in acquiring adequate knowledge within the nutritional sector of food and beverage service, while developing my understanding in several aspects of diet planning, including the treatment of common ailments through food and nutrition.

Besides I have also developed my skills in researching, medical/nutritional data interpretation, transcription, consultation, and other dietetic techniques, necessary for the practice of nutritional diet planning. I would like to put the best of my skills and knowledge to use, so as to spread the awareness of nutritional diet planning for improving health conditions nationwide. I wish to serve your well known health care institute by providing expert advice to individuals and families looking for improvement of their health conditions, thereby offering my contribution in increasing the efficiency of the clinical services.

Enclosed with this letter is my resume, where you will find essential details pertaining to my educational and professional qualification. You may contact me anytime during the day, if you wish to discuss my application in detail. I request you to consider my application favorably and provide me with an opportunity of an interview, so that I can express my capabilities more efficiently, thereby facilitating your decision in hiring me.

Thank you.


Brian Osborn

Enclosure: Resume

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