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Cardiovascular Technologist Cover Letter

A cardiovascular technologist cover letter intends to project a candidate's technical knowledge in diagnosis and treatment of cardiac and peripheral vascular disorders. It reflects a candidate's proficiency in the practice of invasive cardiology, vascular technology, or echocardiography, depending upon his area of specialization. Cardiovascular technician (easily confused with cardiovascular technologists) tend to specialize in stress testing, Holster monitors, and electrocardiograms.

The cover letter of an invasive cardiovascular technologist should highlight his efficiency in assisting the physicians in the diagnosis of cardiovascular ailments by means of cardiac catheterization procedures, electro physiology tests, open-heart surgery, balloon angioplasty etc. You, as a non-invasive cardiovascular technologist, should mention your familiarity with trans esophageal echocardiography, vascular sonography, Doppler ultrasound, and other ultrasonic instrumentation used to record blood flow and pressure, oxygen saturation, peripheral and cerebral circulation, limb volume changes, and abdominal circulation, in your cover letter.

To promote the chances of your application being considered as desirable amongst several others, you need to construct your cover letter in such a manner that it efficiently portrays information pertaining to your professional qualification, while not compromising its brevity and precision, so as to facilitate a reader's convenient access to important information in the midst of a busy schedule.

We have provided a free sample of cardiovascular technologist resume cover letter, which you can refer to while constructing your cover letter.

Sample Cover Letter

Blanca J. Kennedy
2322 Hamill Avenue
San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 270-1758

Jesus L. Guinn
Cardiovascular Surgeon
Sigma Hospital
1240 Wayside Lane
Richmond, CA 94801

Ref: Referred by Dr. Roberta Chenoweth, Bakersfield Community Clinic, Bakersfield, CA

Dear Dr. Guinn,

I came to know about the job vacancy through Dr. Roberta Chenoweth, who happens to be the Chief Physician in Bakersfield Community Clinic. I have completed my graduation in cardiovascular technology, from Stockton State University, in Feb 2010. I have been placed in Grade A after my final assessments, following which I joined the Bakersfield Community Clinic to work as a cardiology intern, under the guidance of Dr. Roberta Chenoweth and Dr. Debra Johnson.

My education and internship have showered upon me, adequate knowledge pertaining to several aspects and practices of cardiovascular technology, thereby strengthening my foundation and boosting my confidence to take on challenges independently. I have specialized in invasive cardiology and possess a great deal of knowledge in insertion and use of pacemakers, cardiac catheterization, electro physiology, and open-heart surgery. I am highly efficient in review, interpretation, and maintenance medical records and other clinical data. I am also familiar with the administration of anesthetic drugs, pathologic diagnosis, and handling of high-tech cardiovascular equipment with high precision.

I am also proficient in verbal and written communication in English, Spanish and Russian languages, medical transcription, medical data analysis, judgments and decision making, clinical nursing etc, which when accompanied with my technical capabilities, will deliver high quality assistance to the physicians within your hospital, thereby facilitating the smooth diagnosis and treatment of patients with cardiovascular ailments.

Kindly consider my application favorably and provide me with an opportunity to serve your hospital and contribute to its improvement internally, thereby adding to the efficiency of your clinical team, aimed at providing the best medical services to the nation, while developing my knowledge within the field. Please find attached, my resume, where you will find details of my academic and professional history. You may certainly contact me during the weekdays if you wish to discuss my profile in detail.

I am sincerely looking forward to meet with you for an interview, which would give me an opportunity to express my interests and capabilities more effectively. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Sincere regards,

Blanca Kennedy

Enclosure: Resume and References

Closely study the layout of the cardiologist resume example cover letter shown above, to give you a clear idea as to how you need to present your skills and abilities in a systematic manner.

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