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A transport planner plays a vital role in handling the expansion of rail, road and transport, at home and nationwide level.

Being a transport planner, most of your work will include searching at the impact of transport matters on the public. This can include large scale projects, for instance reviewing the collision of the village bypass plans, or minor jobs like building up road security measures outside a school.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • replicating transport tribulations by making use of replica to work out solutions
  • learning mishap 'black spots' to plan road safety developments
  • making reports on endowment bids and setting up authorities

  • examining and understanding information collected from transport studies
  • predicting the crash of original developments like shopping centers
  • searching the scheme to handle traffic like parking controls and overcrowding charging
  • performing as an expert spectator all through the public enquiries

An important part of your job will be to think the economic, social and environmental requirements of the entire community. You will also try to manipulate approach towards substitute transport methods like by supporting more people to set to work.


You will basically require a degree in appropriate subjects like transport planning, geography, mathematics, civil engineering or environmental science. Subjects like business studies or social science might also be suitable to employers. To seek for degree courses, go through the website of Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS).

  • Universities and Colleges Admissions Service

On the other hand, you will start as a transport planning associate or technician if you are having a BTEC HNC/HND in same subject area or work experience in this field. The variety of chances in transport planning is being advertised by the Transport Planning Society (TPS), with the objective of drawing new people into this profession. For all the information see the Transportation Opportunities site.

  • Transportation Opportunities


You can take undersized courses with the TPS to remain current with the newest industry legislation, development and best practice.

A series of postgraduate courses is available, which covers the areas like environmental impact, transport modeling, transport safety, graphical information system (GIS) and abroad transport system. You can learn for these qualifications both as a full-time or part time even as working in a transport planning office. Go through the website of TPS for the listing of training providers.

  • Transport Planning Society (TPS)

You can also take the Masters degree in Transport all through the Universities Transport Partnership (UTP) scheme. They also present shorter courses in Continual Professional Development (CPD). See the website of Universities Transport Partnership (UTP).

  • Universities Transport Partnership (UTP)

Gaining chartered or incorporated status

The TPS together with GoSkills and several associated transport and engineering bodies, has build up the TPS Professional Development Scheme. This includes the new TPS/IHT Transport Planning Professional (TPP) qualifications, which presents a way to chartered or incorporated status. For all the information go through the site of TPS.

  • TPS Professional Development Scheme


  • excellent presentation and report writing skills
  • excellent discussion skills
  • understanding of computer modeling software
  • a imaginative approach to solve the problems
  • excellent skills to manage project
  • outstanding communication skills and self-confidence with people
  • an awareness of transport matters
  • an assurance of continuous professional development


  • Recently skilled graduate transport planner can make between £ 22,000 and £ 24,000 p.a.
  • Skilled and senior planner can take home between £ 35,000 and £ 60,000 yearly.

Top professional might get extra as per the contract.


You will normally work for 40 hours weekly from Monday to Friday. You might have additional duties at the weekends and in the evenings, for instance to remain present at the public meeting.

Your work will be mostly carried out the in office, thought you will expend some time in attending the meetings and giving visits to the sites.


You will get more job opportunities in the local and central government, transport and logistics companies, strategic development bodies, specialist consultancy and airports also change career in travel.

With experience, you can turn into a senior traffic engineer, transport planner or shift to town planning. More alternatives include policy development and consultancy work.

You may see that the following will help out for the job vacancies:

  • Planning Resources
  • Local Transport Today
  • Transport Planning Jobs Opportunities

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