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Scenes of Crime Officer Careers

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Work Environment:

As a scenes of crime officer (crime-scene investigator/examiner), you'd gather evidence at crime-scenes. Though scenes of crime officers aren't police-officers, they're hired by police and work intimately with police.

Being a scenes of crime officer (SOCO), you'd obtain proof from every kind of crime, such as murder, vehicle theft and burglary.

Your duties would comprise:

  • updating computer systems by evidence details and generating written-records
  • recording scene by video and photography
  • figuring out what proof police officers need and choosing best techniques to obtain it

  • guarding and conserving crime scene in order that proof isn't destroyed/spoilt
  • collecting evidence, like glass, paint, fibers, hair and blood utilizing different techniques
  • looking for marks and footprints left by weapons/tools
  • obtaining fingerprints
  • placing samples in protective-packaging and transferring to fingerprint bureau or forensic-labs for analysis
You might be required to attend post-mortem or provide proof within court.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

Entrance requirements differ between police-forces. You might be admitted with 3-5 GCSE grades (A to C) or similar qualification, with mathematics, English and scientific subject. Though, police forces would prefer A-levels or similar qualifications and few would anticipate you to hold degree into science-subject. For more information, check the website of 'Could You? Police'.

All police-forces would check your employment history and background. A criminal-record might not always stop you from getting hired within police force, although you should declare convictions.

You'd necessitate normal color vision, and driving license.

You'd be required to demonstrate that you've scientific skills, by experience/qualifications. Experience/qualifications into photography could be helpful. It might be a benefit while seeking job, if you've experience of working into sensitive circumstances and coping with people.

Within few police-forces, you'd begin as assistant, recording, collecting and obtaining forensic-evidence from crimes like car break ins and burglaries. Then, you might be capable to advance to scenes of crime officer.

Training Details:

While working as a SOCO, you'd spend around 1-month working alongside experienced associates.

You can take Crime-Scene Investigator Training-Course at NPIA (National Policing-Improvement Agency).

If you're working as an assistant, you can take 3-week basic-course at NPIA and then acquire 4-week training course to be a scenes of crime officer after getting work experience.

After accomplishing your introductory training, you'd accomplish 1-2 year development program.

After accomplishing training (or 5 year's work experience), you could take Diploma into Crime-Scene Investigation. This course is provided by the NPIA (National Policing-Improvement Agency) in collaboration with University.

For information about training courses, check the website of NPIA.

The National Policing-Improvement Agency (NPIA) provides National Fingerprint-Examiner training course for persons specializing into this field, and short training courses, like management training, facial-identification methods, fire investigation and coping with disasters.

Throughout your vocation as a scenes of crime officer, you'd be anticipated to take 2 week NPIA training courses after every 5 years, to refresh and improve your abilities and knowledge, and to stay updated with latest developments.

Skills and knowledge:

  • capability to utilize scientific equipment and computers
  • excellent observational abilities
  • physically fit
  • capability to stay calm and composed in stressful and unpleasant situations
  • concentration to details
  • team working abilities
  • a patient and systematic manner
  • capability to report and record information correctly, in writing and speech

Salary and Other Benefits:

  • Initial remunerations for assistants can be about $17,000 for a year.
  • Earnings of SOCOs can be around $18,000 to $27,000.
  • Senior scenes of crime officers can get around $28,000 to $32,000 annually.

Working Conditions:

Generally, you'd work in shifts, as per on call Rota.

This work could be physically challenging, including working in cramped places or at heights, or outside in all climate conditions.

You'd employ much of working time outdoors on investigation. Although, you'd also spend some time within police-station to prepare statements, process collected evidence and write reports.

Different Opportunities:

You can discover work chances within local police forces. Individual police forces publicize their own openings. For links to their sites, check the website of 'Police Officer'.

You can discover work chances within British Transport-Police.

By experience and qualifications, you can advance to senior/principal officer. You can accomplish additional training to handle investigations at major-incidents.


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