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Physiotherapist gives treatment to the patients with variety of physical difficulties which might be caused, for instance, by disability, accidents, illness or ageing. They work with the patient to increase their series of progress and endorse health and comfort.

Being a physiotherapist your duties and responsibilities will involve:

  • assisting the patients with joint and spinal problems (after the operation)
  • working together with the kids who are suffering from physical and mental disabilities

  • helping in rehabilitation of patients who are improving from sports injuries, accidents and strokes
  • supporting superior mobility in elder people who are suffering physical problems

Physiotherapy is basically helpful for people with the matter adjacent to the task of their bones, muscles, heart, lungs and circulation. You can also work with the customers in various area and department like outpatients, pediatrics, women's health, intensive care and occupational health.

You can also use many techniques and treatments with patients, including:

  • electrotherapy
  • massage
  • ultrasound
  • physical manipulation
  • therapeutic exercise
  • hydrotherapy
  • acupuncture

You can maintain proper records of the client's treatment and development, frequently working together with other health expert like health visitors, occupational therapists and social workers.


For becoming a chartered physiotherapist you should have a degree in physiotherapy recognized by the Health Professions Council (HPC). This will help you in meeting the criteria for Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) membership and state registration. See the sites of HPC and CPS for the listing of training providers.

To obtain the physiotherapy degree, you should have:

  • minimum 5 GCSEs in English, Mathematics variety of Science subjects
  • A2 level (three) in the subjects at grade C or above (together with biological science)
  • AS level (four) at B grade or above (comprising biological science)

It is important to see together with the universities for proper entry requirements as subsequent qualification, might be permitted.

You will have the benefit if you also have some appropriate experience; make a contact with the service manager for more information at your home NHS Trust.

When you are making an application for the course, you will need the clearance of CRB; however, a criminal assurance does not routinely keep out you from working in the NHS. The admission tutor for your course can provide you with information.


Apprenticeship Scheme or Cadet Scheme:- you can get ready for the physiotherapy career with a 2 year Apprenticeship or Cadet Scheme. This involves clinical placements and working for qualification like National Vocational Qualification in Health (Level 3), which will satisfy the entry requirement of the physiotherapy degree. Go through with your local NHS Careers or NHS Trusts for more information.

Physiotherapy assistant:- being a assistant, you may obtain the recreational degree in physiotherapy while doing a job (see the career profile for further details). The site of CSP has information of part-time, work-based degree training providers. The HPC site also contains the listing of recognized courses.

Accelerated Postgraduate courses:- if you are having a first class or higher second class honor degree in a related subject (like psychology, biological science or sports science) you can meet the requirements as a physiotherapist by completing a first-class postgraduate course. Get in touch with the CSP for more information.


Once you become a skilled physiotherapist, you will be supported to increase your skills and knowledge by remaining preset at the portfolio development, workshops and reflective programs as CPD (Continuing Professional Development). See the website of CSP for information on post-qualifying courses.

If you are skilled physiotherapist and thinking to get back to your profession after a break, you can take a return-to-practice or update training program course. The CSP will send you an information pack.


  • keenness about physiology, anatomy and health science
  • good oral and written communication skills
  • excellent skills to work with team
  • capability of making individual plan
  • a anxiety for the wellbeing and health of the patients
  • excellent presentation and interpersonal skills
  • endurance, tact and compassion
  • outstanding administrative and organizational skills


  • For physiotherapists opening salaries are between $ 21,200 and $ 27,500 in the NHS.
  • Professional physiotherapists can take home around $ 34,500.
  • Superior physiotherapists and team managers can receive up to $ 40,500.

In private sectors, salaries are normally same as in the NHS.


You will have to work for 37 to 38 hours weekly, based in the community or in hospital, in the clinic, health center or GP surgery. You might also give a visit to the patient at their residence.

In local authorities, private sector and voluntary organization, you might be based in the fitness center, nursing home or sport clinic.


You will get many jobs in NHS; however, you can also work with the confined authorities and in private sector in settings like schools, care homes, day centers, fitness centers, hospitals and sports clinics.

With your experience, you can become self-employed and start your own private practice. In the NHS, you can achieve the position of the senior physiotherapist or get into the health service management.

You can go on to focus in the areas like sports therapy, orthopedics, occupational health or work with elder people or kids. Other associated areas of work include teaching and research. Find some resume examples on orthopedic therapist resume


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