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Occupational Health Nurse Careers

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Being an occupational health nurse you will support better health and wellbeing in workers. Your duties and responsibilities will include:

  • performing pre-employment medicals
  • reviewing and treating employees who are injured or sick at work
  • giving support, counseling and health advice and education
  • providing supervision on health and safety matters
  • giving sickness deficiency suggestions

  • performing risk assessments
  • teaching employees in first aid
  • analyzing and keeping records of employees health
  • building up and managing crisis processes

You will also perform phlebotomy i.e. taking blood samples for testing and vaccinations.

You can work individually or as a team part of health and safety experts. You may work in the large organization like airline, local authority, hospital, retail chain or work in the confidential consultancy firm which are used by a few minor employers to provide expert, unusual advice.


You will generally require the professional experience of two years as a skilled nurse earlier than taking the training of the occupational health nurse.

Traditionally, you required being skilled in the audit or mental health branches of nursing. However, many employers and training providers will currently understand registered nurses in any branch.

To meet the criteria of the nurse you will require the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) recognized degree or Diploma of Higher Education. For additional information about becoming a nurse, see the appropriate career profile of Nurse.

Guidance to turn into an occupational health nurse involves taking a abbreviated degree or post graduate occupational health nursing program leading to registration as a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse. Visit the site of NMC for information on training providers.

Courses are offered on the basis of 1 year full-time or 2 years part-time, which include assignments in the public or private workplace. You will also learn the subjects like:

  • health promotion (psychological and physical
  • health examination and the consequence of work on the health of the place of work
  • handing occupational disease
  • health and safety legislation

Various employers will wish you to have a counseling certification, or health and safety (like the NEBOSH General Certificate).


Being a skilled occupational health nurse, you will be anticipated to maintain your nursing information and skillfulness of health and safety legislation current all through your career.

You should also renew your professional registration with the NMC after every three years. To register again you have to work at least for 450 hours and finish 35 hours certified development in the previous 3 years. Go through the NMC site for further details.

If you have taken a break from working and your registration has dropped you will have to take a return-to-practice course. Courses are accessible all through the United Kingdom and will comprise the theory and medical placement.

You can get in touch with the home NHS, or find on the NMC site for the listing of standard programs.


  • excellent communication skills
  • ability to deal with the people of different background
  • ability to educate people in relation to health and safety matters
  • insolence to ensure instructions on health and safety issues are performed
  • outstanding observation power with the ability to handle health hazards as they occur
  • capability to stay composed and think evidently in an urgent situation
  • understanding of the matters nearby secrecy and data protection
  • capability of working individually and with team
  • a responsible working attitude


  • Recently skilled nurses be paid around $ 20,500 every year in the NHS.
  • Skilled occupational health nurses may take home around $ 33,000.
  • Senior managers and nurses may receive around $ 40,000.

Additional allowance might be given only when you are residing in or around London.


Your working hours can differ as per you employers. However you will probably work for around 38 to 40 hours in a week, which will comprise a rota or shift pattern. Recreational or supple hours might also be obtainable.

You will normally work in the bright and clean examination room.


You can work with range of organization in the setting arraying from industrial unit and department stores to universities, offices and hospitals. You might be working straightforwardly or through a confidential consultancy or NHS Trust. See here more resume writing tips for nursing to select in this era.

If experienced, you can turn into self-employment and work as a occupational health consultant. On the other hand, you might be able to advance into the management post, managing an occupational health center or leading the team of occupational health staff. It is also possible to shift into the nursing training or health service management.


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