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Being a drama therapist you will make use of group work and imagination to support people to come to terms with sentiment and sensation. You will assist the customers to build up their thoughts and the imaginative side of their character, in addition to their personal power.

You will use a variety of techniques to carry out optimistic change and psychological cure in your customers. You will support people to:

  • Work as group part
  • Form discussion relations

  • Convey what they believe and think about the world around them
  • Imitate circumstances in a secure and non-judgmental surroundings

You will make use of several techniques with the customers, which might involve illustrating on their own knowledge or making use of customary mythology and tales and mimic or puppetry and masks.

You will basically work together with other professionals like social workers, psychologists, other therapy specialists or teachers.


For doing the job of the drama or art therapist post you must have the Masters qualification approved by the British Association of Drama therapist (BADth) followed by registration with the Health Professions Council (HPC). See the BADth and HPC site for more information.

The entry requirements for a Masters in Drama therapy are likely to include:

  • Practical drama experience
  • A degree in a linked subjects like psychology and drama
  • Salaried or voluntary experience assisting people to conquer problems and complexities

To get on to an undergraduate degree you will basically require 5 GCSEs including 2 level A (subjects of meticulous significance include psychology, drama and theater studies). See the sites of colleges and universities for accurate entry information.

You might have a benefit if you are having a background in areas like acting, teaching, social work or community.


Once you are on an official dramatherapy course you will work in groups to build up practical drama and theater skills. You will also cover up in the subjects like:

  • Personal development
  • Art, dance, music and play therapies
  • Drama therapy practice
  • Psychological and therapeutic practices and principles

You will be evaluated all through the course and you will be anticipated to endure personal therapy. After finishing the course, you will have to join the BADthe as a full member.

As a practicing drama therapist, you are projected to have regular supervision sessions with an experienced therapist (who is also a skilled supervisor). You will also have to keep your knowledge and skills current, for instance, by remaining present at short courses and workshops (see the site of BADth for more information).


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to communicate with the people from various backgrounds
  • An interest in theatrical and drama work
  • A valid aspiration to assist people
  • A unautocratic approach
  • Imagination, thoughts and feeling
  • A supple and adjustable approach
  • A good understanding of the principles and therapy practice
  • Assurance and endurance
  • Exciting strength, with the ability to handle demanding situations
  • Admiration for secrecy


  • In the NHS a recently trained full-time drama therapist can get between $ 25,500 and $ 34,500 every year.
  • Through experience this can increase to around $ 46,500 a year.


Your typical working hours will be for 8 hours i.e. between 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday, though various jobs might involve weekends and evenings sessions. Recreational and self-employed work is frequent.

You can work in a variety of places like hospitals, schools, day centers, prisons, as per the group of your clients. You will have to travel to unusual places all through your working day.


You will get many jobs in the local authorities and NHS. You can also get the work with voluntary organization and in private practice as recreational therapist. Work chances will frequently be based on organization gaining financial support for meticulous projects.

If you are having experience, you can lead the team of therapists or handle the unit, however, most drama therapist work on the self-employed basis.


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