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TV or Film Sound Technician Careers

TV or Film Sound Technician Careers

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Work Environment:

TV or Film sound technician check, record and mix sound for recorded and live TV and film productions. As a TV or film sound technician, you'd utilize editing software, recording equipment and microphones to record and generate a high quality, clear track.

You can do specialization in any of the fields given as below:

  • Post production: composing final track within a studio
  • Production-sound: recording music/sound at site or set

In a production-sound team, you'd work as a boom operator, production mixer (sound-recorder) or an assistant. Your tasks might comprise:

  • playing sound effects/music in a live event
  • controlling boom, placing moving-microphones around entertainers for finest sound
  • repairing and servicing equipment
  • monitoring quality of sound
  • installing equipment and machinery to suit instructions of sound designer and acoustics
  • recording on digital audiotape
  • choosing and putting set microphones

Post production groups could comprise Foley editor, dialogue mixer or editor, dubbing (rerecording) mixer, and Foley artist. In this section work could include:

  • balancing and mixing background music, speech and effects
  • producing additional sound effects and adding in track, recognized as Foley
  • working as per instructions of a sound supervisor or sound designer
  • editing dialogue and speech to suit action on the screen

Qualification, Education and Experience:

To be a TV or film sound technician, you'll need an understanding of sound equipment and technology. You'll discover it helpful to comprehend fundamental physics and electronics of sound.

You might boost opportunities of moving into this field by acquiring a related course to improve your abilities and knowledge before searching for job. Training courses comprise:

  • foundation degrees or degrees in audio engineering, music technology, media technology or technical theaters
  • BTEC: Diploma or Certificate into Music-Technology or Media Production-Sound Recording
  • City and Guilds: Diploma or Certificate into Music and Sound Technology
  • BTEC: HND or HNC into Media

You'll discover it helpful to hold experience of utilizing sound-equipment, while seeking work opportunity. A related training course could assist you with this. You could gain experience by following modes:

  • fixing sound machinery and equipment for local-bands or amateur theaters
  • assisting within an editing/recording studio
  • working on community/student radio/film projects
  • working with a hire firm or sound equipment producer
For further details, contact Skill set.

Training Details:

Generally, you'd begin as an assistant live sound engineer, and learn at the work by experienced sound-team.

In the beginning, you might be capable to obtain training as component of a trainee ship scheme, like programs managed by media training associations, local screen organizations and broadcasters.

Competition is tough, for seats in training programs. You'll be required to demonstrate work experience and commitment. For further details regarding available schemes, contact Skill set.

You must stay updated with latest technology and developments all through your vocation. For details about sort training courses, check the website of Skill set.

It might assist your prospects to enroll with professional organization, like Institution of Broadcast-Sound, for networking chances and training.

Skills and knowledge:

  • an understanding of health and safety measures
  • excellent practical abilities
  • capability to work efficiently as member of a group
  • an understanding of sound technology and electronics
  • excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • concentration to details
  • excellent hearing-levels
  • capability to deal with extended hours and targets
  • patience

Salary and Other Benefits:

  • Initial remunerations for TV or film sound technician can be about $19,000 to $26,000 for a year.
  • Freelance charges for experienced sound engineer can be around $900 to $1700 for a week.
Freelance charges can differ extensively. You can negotiate charges depending on your track-record and kind of production. Contact BECTU for current pay guidelines.

Working Conditions:

You'd generally work for irregular and extended hours, comprising late-nights or early mornings, as per requirements of production. You might have to work on short notice.

You can work anyplace from recording studios to outdoor sites in all climate conditions, for sound-recording. Post production sound-editing is done within soundproof studios.

Different Opportunities:

Generally, you'd work for post production firms, radio stations, TV broadcasters or production firms, on freelance agreements. Agreements can differ in duration from 1 day to some month's recording and production-work on film.

Openings are publicized by websites and industry press. Though, it's common to find job by directly contacting to firms.

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