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Technical Brewer Careers

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Work Environment:

Technical brewers administer production of lagers and beers, ensuring that consistency and quality is of high-level. As a technical brewer, you'd supervise biochemical brewing process, which include boiling malted-barley with water and hops, and cooling and fermenting using yeast, as a result natural-sugars turn into alcohol.

Your job would involve:

  • administering packaging procedure
  • sourcing providers
  • stock-control

  • ensuring that raw-materials meet correct standard
  • checking beer's quality and temperature
  • managing technical-developments
  • maintaining records of brewing procedure
Your work can also include making, developing and testing beers, and supervising workers.

In a big brewery, you'd be accountable for one section of production procedure, like quality control, fermentation or packaging. Within a micro/small brewery, you'd be included in every phase of brewing procedure.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

You'll necessitate a degree with an associated subject, like brewing and distilling, microbiology, biological science, food technology/science, chemistry or chemical engineering, to begin work as a trainee. Few companies might also allow a related BTEC: HND or HNC. For details regarding courses check the website of UCAS.

Degree units into business management, or experience into a management position may also assist you to get work opportunity, as many companies would seek proof of your skill to handle a team.

You might have a benefit, if you've knowledge or experience of distilling or brewing. You can contact bigger breweries to study brewing procedure or to organize work experience.

Then again, you can get into this profession by mix of qualifications provided by IBD (Institution of Brewing and Distilling) and experience as a brewery worker. The combination of IBD qualifications and brewery-work can give chance to apply for trainee positions, and assist to take additional qualifications.

Training Details:

When you're working in a big brewery, you'd join a graduate brewery worker, which might include traveling to various production-sites to get knowledge of processes and company.

Generally, you'll be supported to take 2 professional exams put by IBD (Institution of Brewing and Distilling):

  • Master Brewer-qualification
  • Diploma into Distilling or Brewing
You can assist your career prospects by acquiring postgraduate-qualification, comprising MBA into Brewing and Distilling.

Skills and knowledge:

  • excellent written and oral communication abilities
  • outstanding practical abilities
  • organizational and managerial abilities to direct a team
  • excellent problem resolving and decision-making skills
  • scientific-knowledge, specifically into biochemistry
  • business understanding
  • a knowledge of electrical, chemical and mechanical engineering

Salary and Other Benefits:

  • Remunerations can be about $16,000 to $26,000 for a year.
  • Experienced technical brewers can get around $31,000 to $42,000.

Working Conditions:

You'd work weekly for around 41 hours. Though, this job includes checking brewing procedure on regular basis, thus you'd work as per shift scheme comprising nights, evenings and weekends.

You'd chiefly work within beer-production section administering brewing procedure. Conditions can be noisy. You'd have to put on protective outfits.

Different Opportunities:

You can discover work chances in bigger or small breweries.

Openings are publicized by regional press, and websites of IBD and graduate-recruitment.

By experience and qualifications, you can advance to technical-director or senior technical brewer. Then again, you can work on freelance basis and establish your micro brewery making specialty beers. For further details regarding this field, visit the website of Society of Independent Brewers.


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