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Production Worker (Manufacturing) Careers

Production Worker (Manufacturing) Careers

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Work Environment:

As a production worker (process operatives/factory workers), you'd be included in producing goods and components within industries such as food and drink, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and construction.

Your tasks as a production worker could comprise:

  • maintaining and cleaning equipment and work areas
  • assembling products in a production channel, e.g. fixing circuit-boards in computers
  • packaging goods into containers or crates available for delivery

  • monitoring production machinery, e.g. a conveyor-line within a canning plant
  • utilizing forklift trucks and lifting machinery
  • reporting machinery errors to maintenance-workers
  • administering production procedure and executing quality checks and testing
  • measuring, feeding and grading raw material's batches in production equipment
  • storing raw materials and goods within warehouse or plant
  • giving finishes to products, e.g. laying protective coverings
Generally, you'd work as member of a group with shift head, executing various tasks in working week, or in same shift.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

To work as a production worker, you might not necessitate qualifications. Though, few GCSE grades, with Mathematics and English might provide you with a benefit while searching for job. Few companies might want you to get through with a selection procedure, including assessment tests for practical abilities.

You might be capable to gain entry to this profession by a manufacturing Traineeship. The availability of Traineeships within your region will rely on regional employment market and the kind of abilities employers want from employees.

Check the website of Proskills, Cogent and Improve, for further information about manufacturing careers.

Training Details:

You'd get training at the work by your employer, comprising health and safety, and manufacturing procedure. After accomplishing your training, you'd advance to production channel, working with a trainer or supervisor.

Based on work position, you might be supported to acquire any of the NVQs, given as below:

  • First and Second level in Manufacturing Operations
  • First to Fourth level in Petrochemical, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Manufacture
  • First, Second and Third level in Food-Manufacture
Visit the websites of Proskills, Cogent and Improve, for further information about related vocational qualifications.

Skills and knowledge:

  • an understanding of health and safety measures
  • excellent team working abilities
  • a readiness to work in flexible manner
  • capability to work systematically and promptly
  • capability to comprehend instructions
  • excellent practical abilities
  • capability to focus during performing repetitive-tasks

Salary and Other Benefits:

  • Initial remunerations for production worker can be around $12,000 to $15,000 for a year.
  • Workers with supervisory responsibilities and experienced employees can get around $16,000 to $21,000.
These earnings can increase by productivity bonuses, overtime and shifts allowances.

Working Conditions:

You can work on part/full time basis, with a shift scheme, comprising weekends, days and nights. Sometimes, you may need to work overtime.

You'd be working within a plant. You'd spend much of working time sitting at an assembly channel or workbench, or standing while monitoring equipment. Usually, you'd put on protective outfits, like safety boots and overalls.

Different Opportunities:

You'd discover work chances within all manufacturing fields. Employment openings are publicized by regional press, and recruitment organizations.

Now, several industries are moving to automatic procedures, niche markets, and higher-value products, e.g. organic-food processing and production. By technical abilities, you'd have a benefit while searching for job.

By experience you can advance to quality-control, or become a shift supervisor.


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