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Motorsport Engineer Careers

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Work Environment:

Motorsport engineers design, test and build racing bikes and cars within all racing-divisions, comprising bike-racing, like MotoGP, and single seater racing, like F1. As a motorsport engineer, your job will be at foreground of engineering-technology.

You can work within racing, design, production or testing. Generally, your tasks would comprise:

  • performing quality-control checks
  • testing bodywork and parts to improve performance of a vehicle

  • developing newer ideas considering safety, performance, costs and strength
  • testing vehicle models before motor-vehicles get into production
  • creating prototypes by CAD program
  • finishing motor-vehicles with sponsorship logos and colors of team

And at race-meetings, your tasks would comprise:

  • monitoring speed of engine and other statistics throughout races
  • performing 'after tests' on motor-vehicles to find damage signs after races
  • getting vehicles ready to go well with climate conditions and track
  • fine-tuning vehicle and giving technical commands to rider/driver
Once races are finished, you'd attend meetings (debriefings) with race-team to find out where to do improvements and what worked well.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

You'd necessitate work experience into vehicle-engineering or an associated field, like mechanics, component producing, or electronics, with related qualifications.

You could acquire courses particular to motorsport design and engineering, comprising degrees, and BTEC: HNDs. Employers may accept other engineering training courses, such as manufacturing, aerospace, mechanical, electronic and automatic.

Check the website of UCAS, for details regarding degrees and HNDs.

Professional organizations suggest you to acquire training courses which comprise work-placements with suppliers and producers. Programs, such as the Formula-Student program, provided by IMechE let college-teams to design, construct and race motor-vehicles. See the website of Formula Student, for further information.

You can work as a trainee with a firm, or as a design-assistant or vehicle technician at college. By additional study and training, you can progress to motorsport engineer.

For further details regarding motorsport engineering careers, see the website of MIA (Motorsport-Industry Association). Check the website of MSA (MotorSports Association), for information about driving schools, events and classes connected to sports.

Training Details:

You'd get training at the work by your company/employer. By a degree qualification, you can obtain a seat in a traineeship scheme with an automotive-design company, or vehicle producer.

The National-Skills Academy executes a Graduate-Program for recently certified engineers, letting you to improve knowledge and skills needed for this work. For information, contact National-Skills Academy.

You can also acquire a course at postgraduate level, with an engineering associated degree. Check the website of MIA, for details regarding related courses, comprising aerodynamics, motorsport engineering and engineering design.

Skills and knowledge:

  • outstanding team-working skills
  • a readiness to work in a flexible manner
  • outstanding problem resolving abilities
  • a readiness to stay updated with latest technologies and developments
  • outstanding technical understanding
  • capability to prioritize and plan out efficiently
  • excellent communication abilities
  • capability to analyze data
  • an interest into vehicle design and engineering
  • capability to work under-pressure to targets

Salary and Other Benefits:

  • Initial remunerations for motorsport engineers can be about $17,000 to $23,000 for a year.
  • By experience earnings can boost to around $26,000 to $41,000
Generally, senior motorsport engineers negotiate contract with their employers, while working in a racing team.

Working Conditions:

You'd work for irregular and extended hours as member of a race-team, and you'd anticipate lots of traveling. Throughout a season you'd appear at track some days before to get ready for an event.

Being a production or test engineer, you'd work at one worksite, though you might need to work for extended hours.

Different Opportunities:

You can discover work chances with circuit operators, test laboratories, race and rally schools, automotive design companies, and motor racing teams.

By experience and training, you can do specialization into a specific engineering area, such as electronics or engine transmission. You can advance to technical manager, workshop/test manager, technical coordinator, or chief engineer.

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