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Garment Technologist Careers

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Work Environment:

Garment technologists assist buying and design teams during all phases of product-development from design to production. And as a garment technologist, you could be hired by a large retailer or a garment producer.

Being a garment technologist, your tasks would comprise:

  • Ensuring that suitable construction techniques are utilized
  • Administering testing of fabric and fittings of samples
  • Giving advices on appropriate fabrics

  • Answering to queries regarding product
  • Recommending changes to designs as required
  • Analyzing product faults and returns
  • Ensuring that garments manufactured are in budget
You'd work intimately with other employees like buyers, designers, graders and pattern cutters.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

To be a garment technologist, you'd necessitate a degree with a subject associated to garment-technology and production. Few training courses merge fashion design with garment technology. Universities providing related training courses comprise:

  • Manchester Metropolitan-University
  • Cleveland-College of Art and Design
  • De-Montfort University; Leicester
Experience of work you get throughout study would be a benefit while applying for work.

Check the website of UCAS, for details regarding fashion and textile associated degrees and courses. You must confirm with distinct universities and colleges for admission requirements.

You might be capable to gain entry to this profession by a scheme of Trainee ship. The availability of Traineeships within your region will rely on regional employment market and the kind of abilities employers want from employees.

Training Details:

Generally, you'd begin with a junior position within buying, garment technology, quality control, or product development, and develop your practical abilities through training at the work.

You can also improve your skills and knowledge by accomplishing related qualifications comprising:

  • ABC: Third Level Diploma into Garment Technology
  • Degrees with subjects like fashion and clothing technology
  • Third Level NVQ into Apparel Manufacturing-Technology
  • ABC: Diploma into Apparel or Footwear Production
By enrolling with the TI (Textile Institution) and applying for qualifications on 3 levels: Fellow, Licentiate and Associate, you can achieve professional recognition. The TI (Textile Institution) also administers short training courses, conferences and seminars. For further information, see the website of TI.

Skills and knowledge:

  • Capability to work under-pressure and meet up targets
  • An interest and concern in clothing retail and fashion
  • Understanding of techniques like pattern cutting and stitching
  • Capability to work by yourself or as member of a group
  • A knowledge of textile properties and manufacturing procedures

Salary and Other Benefits:

  • Initial remunerations for garment technologist can be around $17,000 to $19,000 for a year.
  • By experience, earnings can boost to $26,000 or above.
  • Earnings of senior garment technologists can be about $52,000.
Working Conditions:

You'd work weekly for about 39 hours. Sometimes you may have to work for additional hours, e.g. to ensure that collections are manufactured in time.

You'd be working within an office, although would voyage to visit producers and meet suppliers and clients. This should often comprise meeting overseas producers, e.g. in Southern Europe.

Different Opportunities:

You'd find most of the work chances with retail and manufacturing firms within fashion industry. You can also discover work opportunities within companies making technical-textiles, like those utilized into uniforms for emergency services and the armed forces. For further details, check the website of Technical Textiles.

By experience you can advance to technical manager or senior technologist. You might be capable to proceed to research in a university or equivalent institute.


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