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Analytical Textile Technologist Careers

Analytical Textile Technologist Careers

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Work Environment:

As an analytical textile technologist, you'd use your understanding of technical attributes of textile materials and knowledge of production methods to:

  • Evaluate quality
  • Assist resolve disputes, e.g. discovering if a product-fault is due to customer or manufacturer misuse
  • Resolve technical issues regarding manufacturing procedure
  • Ensure that tags are accurate, e.g. discovering if a garment which states to be created by cashmere actually is
  • Perform investigations like fault finding and fitness for purpose

You can work for a textile producer or as a consultant to various clients, comprising consumers, manufacturers, retailers, and legal institutes. Your duties would comprise:

  • Being conscious of health and safety measures
  • Utilizing analytical methods and instruments, like infrared and microscopes
  • Writing up cost estimates and technical reports
  • Scrutinizing samples and performing testing
  • Forming new analytical methods
  • Coordinating with suppliers, clients and staff
  • Interpreting and reporting information
  • Evaluating technical-performance specifications
You'd have to stay updated with advances in science, and latest production and design methods.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

The majority of companies/employers would want you to hold a degree into textiles technology. Appropriate training courses comprise the following:

  • BSc in Textile Science and Technology
  • BSc in Textile-Technology
You might also discover a degree with an engineering/scientific subject helpful.

You'll have a benefit if you take a qualification at postgraduate level in textiles technology, specifically if you don't have textiles degree.

Appropriate postgraduate-courses comprise:

  • MSc with Textile-Technology (provided by University of Manchester)
  • MSc with Textile-Engineering (offered by University of Bolton)
  • MSc with Advanced Textile and Performance-Clothing (provided by University of Leeds)
Then again, you could accomplish training and postgraduate research into textiles at different universities, like University of Hudders-field and Heriot Watt University.

You might be capable to begin as a technician, although you'll necessitate a professional qualification, or degree to advance in your career.

Training Details:

Learning at the work is an important part of improving technical skills and knowledge. You'll improve your existing skills and gain many new ones, while you're working as an analytical textile technologist.

You can gain knowledge and skills by various modes, comprising:

  • Courses into specialized fields, e.g. microscopy, provided by Royal Microscopical Society
  • Qualifications provided by the TI (Textile Institution), comprising its Licentiateship, Fellowship and Associateship
  • Training into general skills, like IT skills, management, languages, leadership, and presentation skills
For further information about courses, check the TI site.

You could stay updated with newest developments and problems faced by textiles-sector by attending TI programs and events that draw together practitioners and professionals working within the global textiles-industry, and reading the journals issued by TI.

You can also enroll with regional societies, comprising Hudders field Textile-Society and Bradford Textile Society.

You might have chance to do research within universities which have a textiles-specialism.

Skills and knowledge:

  • Team leading skills
  • Knowledge of all phases of textile processing and production
  • Capability to generate written reports and precise records
  • A comprehensive knowledge of technical textiles and textile structures
  • Laboratory abilities
  • Time-management skills and capability to work to meet targets
  • An interest and concern into physics
  • Excellent concentration levels

Salary and Other Benefits:

  • Initial remunerations for analytical textile technologists can be about $16,000 for a year.
  • By experience, earnings can boost to around $26,000 to $37,000.

Working Conditions:

Generally, you'd work weekly for about 38 hours. Although you may have to work for long hours if you're self employed, based on the work amount and the targets you have to meet.

You'd be based within lab, as most of work would take place within a lab.

Different Opportunities:

The technical-textiles sector includes different kinds of textiles, given as below:

  • Construction
  • Agricultural
  • Clothing
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Defense
  • Automotive

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