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Work Environment:

Town planning support staff helps to process scheduling applications surrendered by persons and businesses. This is an extensive task that consists of everything from providing opinion to the community, to technological planning and staff duties.

Being a support staff associate, your duties will include:

  • arranging information for in-house and exterior publications
  • recording notes on meetings
  • constructing and directing technological libraries, filing databases and systems
  • drawing up designs, utilizing (CAD) computer aided design software

  • functioning data survey, for e.g. traffic impact consideration
  • giving information and facts to planners for claims
  • record the development and conclusions of setting up applications
  • organizing public-meetings
  • replying enquiries regarding application measures
Town planner even effort in planning enforcement that would entail:
  • functioning with persons and businesses to ensure that they abide by the circumstances specified in their appliance judgments
  • collecting details to apply as an evidence in disagreements
  • present reports on violation to planning boards or, where needed, to judges and magistrates
You'll generally effort for a regional-authority, government sector, independent planning consultancy or a private corporation, such as a property-developer.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

The majority employers will be expecting you to contain GCSEs or else 'A' levels, in subjects such as math's, geography, English, economics or IT, or corresponding qualifications.

Particular credentials and/or experience in surveying, CAD design, construction, administration, information management or law could even be valuable proficiency for getting into this profession.

Training Details:

Urban planner usually obtain on-job training through your employer that may be together with learning in favor of the NVQ: Built Environment-Development also Control at levels: 3 and 4.

This NVQ have optional elements conditional on your region of work, together with:

  • collecting, analyzing and presenting information
  • administrative tasks
  • setting up charts and graphical details
  • managing breach of legislation
The NVQ within Construction Contracting Operations (levels: 3 and 4) has divisions covering various technical features of scheduling support-work.

Through ability at level: 3 or superior, and minimum 2 year's relevant job-experience, you can develop your career scenarios by submitting an application for RTPI technological membership: TechRTPI.

Skills and knowledge:

  • technical representation and (CAD): computer-aided design proficiency
  • a working understanding of general office-software plus desktop-publishing
  • a knowledge of regional and nationalized planning policies
  • superior mathematical skillfulness for data-handling
  • the capability to interpret technological diagrams as well as maps
  • strong written and spoken communication skills
  • excellent organizational skill
  • the aptitude to deal diplomatically, peacefully and objectively with customers
  • good team-working expertise
  • the capability to effort to a high extent of precision
  • superior customer-care skills
Salary and Other Benefits:
  • Initial earnings are involving £13,500 and £17,800 yearly.
  • Experienced personnel may receive between £19,500 and £24,000.
  • Competent technical personnel with managerial duties can get up to £29,000.
Working Conditions:

You have to generally work approximately 38 hours in a week, from Monday till Friday, by the probability of part time and flexible hrs.

You'll be largely work-based, however you could be likely to do site visits as well as go to meetings and conferences.

Different Opportunities:

The majority town-planning support staff work for local-authorities and consultancy. You may even find openings in the supermarket chains, the planning sector of house-building firms and utility businesses.

Through experience, you can advancement to team-leader or shift up to technician altitude. By means of further study, you possibly will become a fully-qualified city planner.


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