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Textile Machinery Technician Careers

Textile Machinery Technician Careers

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A textile technician or a textile machinery technician, set up, repair and service mechanical and computer-controlled machinery which are used in textiles manufacturing. Your duties as a textile machinery technician will include:

  • setting up and organizing, equipment for functioning through programming settings or manually
  • giving response to unexpected breakdowns during a production
  • making a diagnosis of problems quickly and putting in mistakes on the site

  • reassembling and testing machinery to ensure that it is safe to return into production
  • performing planned maintenance, for instance checking circuitry
  • cleaning, greasing and oiling the machinery
  • keeping the record of the work in detail
  • reporting the shift manager about the progress

You can work on the machines which are used in each and every stage of production process from spiraling and fabric construction, fiber preparation to dyeing and finishing.


To begin as a technician trainee with the textile or clothing manufacturer, you will basically require four GCSEs (A-C) in the subjects like Science, English, Mathematics, Engineering etc.

The assortment of apprenticeship available in your area will be based on the kind of skills the employers require from their worker and local jobs market. For more information on apprenticeship go through resume sample for machine technician

Another way to prepare for this work is to take a BTEC National Certificate or Diploma in the subject like:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Operation and Maintenance Engineering

You can also take C and G i.e. City and Guilds in, for instance:

  • Engineering (Level 3)
  • Electro Technical Technology (Level 2 and 3)

Check the course providers for entry requirement and additional details.


If you are working in the industry, you can take National Vocational Qualification in Manufacturing Textile (Level 3) which contains the options in:

  • Scrutinizing the performance of equipment
  • Servicing the textile machinery and equipment

You can also take other National Vocational Qualification in:

  • Engineering Maintenance, Mechanical (Level 3)
  • Engineering Maintenance and Installation (Level 2)
  • Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering (Level 2 and 3)

You can continue working towards the advanced qualifications like BTEC HNC/HND in Textiles and Fashion, which cover up the management, production operations and research.

If you complete the 3rd Level of BTEC National or NVQ, you can make an application with an Engineering Council for getting registered as an engineering technician (Eng Tech).


  • advance technological knowledge and strong practical skills
  • good problem solving skills
  • ability to work individually and as a team member
  • ability to pursue the laid down procedures
  • proficient with computers
  • excellent communication skills
  • good knowledge of health and safety regulations


  • Preliminary salaries are between $ 18,000 and $ 21,000 yearly.
  • If you are experienced this can increase to around $ 25,000.


You will be working for 36 to 40 hours every week, basically on the pattern of 24-hours shift. You will be based in the factory environment which can be noisy sometimes. You will have to wear safety cloths and footwear on the factory floor.

You will have to visit the equipment suppliers of other countries or remain present at the workshop on new machinery.


You will get the best jobs in the regions like East Midlands, Yorkshire, Northwest and other parts of Northern Ireland and Scotland.

With experience, you can focus on the areas like research and development, quality control move into the management or supervisory post.

You will get the jobs publicized in the local and national press, on the websites of industries or in the job centers.


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