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Forklift Engineering Technician Careers

Forklift Engineering Technician Careers

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As a forklift engineering technician, you will repair and service forklift trucks in order that they work appropriately and meet safety standards. Your duties and responsibilities can vary from refurbishing hand trucks which are used in factories for repairing large trucks which move in shipping containers.

Your everyday duties and responsibilities will include:

  • visit the customer on the site
  • deal with the problems by making use of hand-held computers and laptops
  • replace and repair defective parts

  • make the truck run better by servicing them
  • make new truck for the customers
  • make necessary adjustments in the trucks if necessary

You may repair and service the forklift truck which includes counterbalance, telescopic, side-loader etc.


You can get into this career by completing apprenticeship through the National Forklift Engineer Apprenticeship Scheme.

The FLTA i.e. Fork Lift Truck Association manages the 3 years program in collaboration with the City of Bristol College.

To obtain on to the scheme, you will require 3 GCSEs (Grade A-C). However, if you don't have these qualifications, you might be able set an entry test to review your appropriateness for the scheme. You can also obtain extra studying support throughout your apprenticeship if required.

Contact industrial engineering technician for more details.

You will require a driving license if your profession engrosses visiting patrons.


Your training will merge recreational study at on of the partner college with practical training in diesel, electrical and hydraulic system and gas powered engines. You have to work in the direction of the Engineering Maintenance National Vocational Qualification Level 3.

As an experienced and skilled technician, your boss might give you additional training to permit you to carry out the 'Thorough Examination'.

The Consolidated Fork Truck Services i.e. CFTS administers the Thorough Examination which is alike vehicle MOT credential and it is the lawful requirement. All the forklift truck users, hirers and users must make sure that they hold an applicable Report of Thorough Examination.

Rules and regulations states that Thorough Examination should be performed every 12 months by 'Competent Person' which means:

  • a specialist inspector employed in an insurance company
  • an practiced fork lift truck engineer

Check out the website of Thorough Examination for more details.

Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS)

To work on a construction site most of the employers insist that you should have CPCS card. The different colored card shows your level of experience and skills. If you have finished related NVQ units, you will be given a card to show you are totally competent. See the Construction Skills website for more details.


  • curiosity about the engineering technology
  • ability to analyze and resolve the problems quickly
  • excellent organizational, practical and self-motivation
  • ability to work individually and as a team member
  • good knowledge of health and safety legislation
  • enthusiasm to work gymnastically
  • good negotiation and communication skills


  • Skilled technicians can make around £ 18,000 a year.
  • Experienced technicians can be paid up to £ 26,000 a year.


You will generally work for 39 to 40 hours every week, which will comprise of overtime and shift work.

You will be based in the practicum, but you can spend a lot of time visiting patrons on the road.


A predictable partly a million trucks are used each day in the United Kingdom and according to the FLTA, there is a scarcity of experienced service engineers.

With the help of experience you can become the service manager. You can also start your own business.


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