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Electrical Engineer Careers

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As an electrical engineer you will be responsible for designing and preserving the electrical control systems, equipment and machines. You can work in variety of areas like:

  • building and manufacturing of plant and machinery
  • power distribution, diffusion and invention
  • renewable energy sources like hydroelectric, paneling and wind turbines
  • transportation network which comprise of indication and rail electrification
  • building service like heating, ventilations, illumination and lift system

Your accurate duties and responsibilities can include:

  • make use of computer aided engineering and drawing software for sketching up task plans
  • calculating approximately the project timescales and costs
  • remaining present at the meeting, giving presentations and writing reports
  • supervising the maintenance and inspection program
  • ensuring that the project meet up the security regulations
  • organizing the work of crafts person and technicians
  • testing set up and examine the test information
  • perform viability reading for latest technological development

You will generally work with experts like engineering technicians, architects, Information Technology Staff and civil engineer on projects.


Electrical engineer require to take a institution degree, HNC, HND, BTEC, or degrees in electronic and electric engineering. Other subjects that cover up the skills and knowledge for this job profile will include:

  • mechanical engineering
  • building service engineering
  • applied physics
  • aeronautical engineering
  • mechatronics

For more details you can check the website of Electrical Engineering and Technology (IET) for information about the universities and colleges presenting this course.

With a degree in significant subject, you can join a company's Graduate Apprenticeship Scheme.

If you need more information about electrical engineering as a profession, check out the SEMTA and IET website. For detailed information about the professions and courses in building and service engineering, go through the website of Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE).

The Engineering Training Council has professions information and course database for home colleges in Northern Ireland.


It is necessary that you go on with building up your knowledge and skills all through your vocation, through continuing professional development (CPD).

You can develop your career prediction by working towards chartered or incorporated class. For doing this, you have to register with your appropriate professional body and make an application to the Engineering Council. You will get on information on the Electrical Engineering Council Website.

As an incorporated engineer, you will be focused in every day management of the engineering operations. At chartered level, you will have more intentional role, carrying out research, building up innovative thoughts, planning and reshuffling management techniques.


  • ability to make analysis of complex problems
  • excellent science, mathematics and IT skills
  • ability to clearly explain the designing ideas
  • excellent communication and decision making skills
  • superior management skills
  • ability to work with the team and individually
  • familiar with the electrical health and safety regulations
  • ability to deal with the budget


  • Graduate engineers can be paid between £ 22,000 and £ 25,000 yearly.
  • Skilled incorporated engineers can be paid between £ 29,000 and £ 40,000.
  • Chartered electrical engineers can be paid between £ 41,000 and £ 50,000 every year.

You will normally work for 38 to 40 hours every week. You might have occasional overtime so as to complete the deadlines.

You can be based in workshop, production plant, office, power station, factory or research facility.


Classic employers comprise of manufacturer in industries, local authorities, armed forces, public utilities, IT companies and research and development companies.

With the help of experience you can specialize in research and development, project management or consultancy work.

As a experienced engineer, you might get the job opportunities abroad. There are intercontinental agreements involving number of countries, identifying the engineering qualification of each other's.

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