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Civil Engineering Technician Careers

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Work Environment:

Being a civil engineering technician, you'd give technical-support on engineering-construction projects to civil engineers. These projects can be classified in following types:

  • transportation: airports, roads, tunnels and railways
  • maritime: marine defenses, ports and harbors
  • structural: pipelines, bridges, buildings, dams and offshore platforms
  • environmental: sewage treatment, public water supply system, waste disposal, irrigation and drainage

Your tasks would comprise:

  • negotiating with providers to obtain value for cash while purchasing supplies
  • formulating estimates of labor expenditures and the material's type and quantity
  • examining projects and administering progress
  • drafting engineering design schemes, with CAD (Computer Aided-Design) software package or by hand
  • helping with preliminary surveys of site
  • organizing for laboratory testing of materials, soil and rock samples
  • drafting time scales for the delivery of labor, supplies and equipment
  • generating reports and statements for engineers, and reporting issues to site managers

Qualification, Education and Experience:

You can gain entry to this profession by a scheme of engineering Traineeship. The availability of Traineeships within your sector will rely on the regional employment market and the kind of abilities employers want from employees.

To gain entry to this system, you might require 4 GCSE grades (A to C), with design and technology, mathematics or English, or similar qualifications.

Then again, you can receive an academy course to train with some skills which are required for this job. Related courses consist of:

  • BTEC: National Diploma and Certificate into Civil Engineering
  • BTEC: HND or HNC into Civil Engineering
  • Diploma into Construction and Built-Environment
  • Degree into Civil Engineering
See the website of UCAS, for further details regarding degrees and HNDs or HNCs. For their entrance criteria, check with distinct colleges and universities.

After accomplishing construction/engineering qualification, you could be hired as a company trainee.

Training Details:

When you're working, you might be supported to accomplish a NVQ. The precise NVQ qualification you select would be based on your work. Related subjects consist of:

  • ConstructionSite Supervision
  • Transportation: technical choices
  • Engineering Technical-Support
  • Laboratory and Associated Technical Operations
Being an experienced civil engineering technician, you can boost your career perspective by enrolling with the Engineering-Council to get status of Engineering Technology. For further information, visit the website of Engineering Council.

Skills and knowledge:

  • excellent negotiation, presentation and communication abilities
  • the capability to comprehend engineering designs and fundamentals
  • outstanding problem solving abilities
  • the ability to operate as member of a team
  • excellent supervisory and managerial abilities
  • science and mathematical skills
  • IT proficiency for CAD-work

Salary and Other Benefits:

  • Initial remunerations for civil engineering technician can range £14,000 to £20,000 annually.
  • Earnings of experienced technicians can be around £21,000 to £36,000.
  • And senior civil engineering technicians can get £38,000 or above.

Working Conditions:

You'd work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., on weekdays, although you may have to work in shifts, containing nights and weekends, when at worksite. You may also have to work as per on call Rota to handle out of hours issues.

You'd operate in all climate conditions, and would be anticipated to put on a safety boots and helmet at worksite.

Different Opportunities:

You can discover various opportunities into civil engineering, with transport and mining ventures, private and public sector construction works, and water and power supply systems.

By experience, you can advance to site management and supervisory positions, or do specialization into specific fields of work, like estimating or construction design.

You can ultimately qualify as a civil engineer, if you carry on your training.

Here are certain example of civil engineering technician resume for excelling in your interested career.


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