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Civil Engineer Careers

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Work Environment:

Being a civil engineer you'd scheme, plan and handle all kinds of construction ventures, from bridge maintenance and repairs to the construction of sports stadium.

You can operate in one of the special fields of engineering as given below:

  • geotechnical: earthworks, mining and construction basics
  • transportation: canals, roads, airways and railways
  • structural: pipelines, dams, seaward platforms and buildings
  • maritime: docks, harbors and marine defenses
  • environmental: flood barricades, water system and drainage

These sections can overlie, although in every field, your usual tasks could comprise:

  • ensuring that sites fulfill legal procedures, and health and safety measures
  • scrutinizing survey, materials examining and mapping information with computer software
  • controlling, directing and administrating development throughout every stage of a project
  • drafting blueprints, utilizing CAD: Computer Aided-Design
  • arranging tender bids, and reporting to customers, planning organizations and public associations
  • determining whether ventures are practicable by evaluating labor, materials, time and costs
  • talking with the colleagues and customer with regards to requirements
  • evaluating the ecological impact and risks associated to projects
You'd usually work up projects along with different professionals, like construction contractors, architects and surveyors.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

You'd generally require a 3 years BEng: Bachelor of Engineering degree or 4 years MEng: Masters Degree into civil engineering for this profession. These are essential if you desire to get status of chartered/incorporated engineer. You can get other engineering associated subjects, although it might get you longer to completely qualify.

You'll require minimum 5 GCSE grades (A-C) and 2/3 A levels, with Mathematics and a science-subject e.g. physics, or corresponding qualifications to acquire a degree.

You must confirm with universities and colleges for their precise admission details, as they might allow an entry to associated higher educational qualification.

If you previously function in the business as a technician, you can become eligible as a civil engineer through studying for a BTEC: HND or HNC, or degree into civil engineering on part time basis.

Check the websites of the Engineering and Construction, ICE: Institute of Civil Engineers and Construction Skills, for additional details regarding courses and engineering professions. The Engineering Training-Council, Northern Ireland has particulars about courses and careers for that field.

Training Details:

You'd normally initiate as a civil engineer on a graduate-training program of firm. You'd be given training by experienced staff member, improving your technical understanding and business abilities. Training programs can range for 1 and 2 years.

You can assist your professional development by functioning to get chartered/incorporated status. To accomplish this, you must enroll with your professional business organization, like ICE, and apply to the Engineering-Council.

Being an incorporated engineer, you'd do specialization in the routine administration of engineering procedures. At chartered stage, you'd encompass a further strategic position, researching and developing newer schemes, planning, and restructuring management techniques.

Skills and knowledge:

  • a complete understanding of associated legal policies
  • the capability to clarify plans and design schemes
  • excellent team working abilities
  • the capability to scrutinize huge amounts of information and evaluate solutions
  • project-management abilities
  • good administrative skills
  • superb IT, Science and Mathematical proficiency
  • the capability to work in budgets and to targets
  • outstanding communication abilities

Salary and Other Benefits:

  • Remunerations for graduate trainees can range from £18,000 to £26,000 annually.
  • Earnings of experienced civil engineers can be around £27,000 to £42,000.
  • And annual income of superior chartered engineers can be about £61,000 to £110,000.

Working Conditions:

You'd generally work weekly for 36 to 42 hours, on weekdays. You might also have to work out of hours to handle any difficulties.

Your working time would be divided between the site and office. You'd be working in all climates and your work might include extended voyaging, occasionally overseas, based on the agreement.

Different Opportunities:

You might discover work chances with environmental organizations, regional establishment, consulting companies, construction contractors and power firms. You can also discover opportunities abroad with British contracting companies, functioning for oil and mining firms and foreign-government.

By incorporated/chartered status, you can advance to superior project managerial positions, do specialization in a specific area or operate as a consultant.

You can also work in global development and disaster relief organizations. For further information, contact RedR UK: Disaster Relief.


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