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Work Environment:

Butchers trade meat-based and poultry goods by private stores, local-marketplace or supermarkets. Expert butchers might also produce their own meat-products like pies, sausages and burgers.

Since working as butcher, your job would comprise of:

  • Giving suggestions consumers regarding arrangements and cooking meat
  • Providing service to the consumers by the counter
  • Trimming and slicing meat
  • Managing and purchasing stock-supply
  • Collecting dispatches and ensuring their hygiene and supply is as per the requirement
  • Shifting meat-stock to cold-storage sections

You might also travel to traders, marketplaces and client's locations.

You can concentrate in organic-foodstuff or kosher, based on the requirement.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

You'll generally initiate as an assistant-butcher or trainee and be trained at the work. You might encompass plus-point if you contain any experience or knowledge in food-trade.

Several employers or owners will have a preference you to contain a Catering or Retail or Manufacturing Certificate in Food-Safety, which could be obtained as 1 day-course. For information on training-courses check the websites of RSPH and CIEH.

You can acquire this work by means of a traineeship. The availability of traineeships in your sector will rely on the regional employment-market and the sort of abilities employers or owners want from their employees.

Training Details:

When you start working, you'll be given training at the work, which might comprise a short-course in HACCP: Hazard-Analysis and Critical Control-Point or a Certificate in Food-Safety. The HACCP scheme encloses food-safety as per the latest EU rules and policies.

Several employers or owners might anticipate you to function towards holding second and third level of NVQs into Food-Manufacture.

You can moreover achieve a different training-courses or qualifications offered by the Meat-Training-Council, containing:

  • higher-Certificate in Poultry and Meat which encompasses the conception required for third level of NVQ into Food-Manufacture
  • Intermediary-Certificate in Poultry and Meat which encloses the comprehension required for second level of NVQ into Food-Manufacture
You can enroll with specialist firm which formed for the butchers, called as the Worshipful-Company of Butcher's-Guild. There are different ranks of enrollment, based on your experience and qualifications as given below:
  • For Associate:- third level of NVQ
  • For Affiliate:- second level of NVQ
Enrollment with the Guild is a mode of demonstrating clients that you do your job with higher-standards. Skills and knowledge:

  • Numerical abilities for dealing with payments
  • Fine visual-senses at window-displays and counter
  • Detailed understanding of product
  • Outstanding practical abilities
  • Personal-hygiene
  • The aptitude to behave as a team-member
  • Exceptional proficiency in client-service and communication
Salary and Other Benefits:
  • Income of managers can be just about £33,500
  • Annual earnings of butchers can among £12,500-£18,200
  • By experience, the income can increase to around £18,600-£25,000 annually

Working Conditions

You'll effort for about weekly forty hours which might consist of early-mornings. You'll normally do your job on weekends within superstores, by taking break throughout week.

Most of the time you'll have to stand on your feet and you might have to pick up and bring bulky meat-joints. You'll put on protecting outfits while holding or cutting meat, to fulfill the hygiene-measures.

You might have to work into cold-store and chill storage-rooms for a small time.

Different Opportunities:

You may acquire a job in superstore's butchery-divisions, butcher's stores and retail-chains. You can also establish your own separate store.

Through retail-chains and superstores you're probably to get the chance to proceed to the position of administration or supervisor. You can also utilize your abilities to enter in the field of meat-wholesaling and catering.

By means of experience, you can also initiate in the Meat-Hygiene Service, inspecting standards and quality in meat-factories.


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