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Work Environment:

Being a picture framer, you'd create frames to look after and demonstrate a range of things for example posters, photographs and pictures, credentials, and 3D substances like awards or dried out flowers.

Your effort will occupy:

  • conversing necessities with the clients
  • settling on or recommending on a approach and substance for the framework

  • functioning out costs and demonstrating them to the purchaser for consent
  • cutting glass and objects in favor of the backing, mount as well as attach to the proper size
  • mounting the item
  • assemble the frame
  • setting up the item into the frame
  • packing, and probably conveying, the completed goods
If you possess a store, you might even trade other objects for example cards, prints and artist's materials, and will need to perform the entire administrative responsibilities concerned in managing a business.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

You don't require any specific education to become a picture framer, though company will anticipate you to include a superior standard of common learning.

You may carry out small or part time picture-framing courses by colleges, fully industrialized education centers and private centers. Several centers even propose week-end as well as residential courses.

Go through the Fine-Art Trade Guild site for information on training offered through trainers by way of Guild credentials.

Training Details:

You'd generally obtain on-job training, functioning along with an additional skilled/experienced framer.

The Fine-Art Trade Guild is the employment association in favor of the sector. You be able to attain their Guild-Commended Framer Award via captivating tests that are presented at centers all through the UK. The Award is globally acknowledged as the criterion meant for the framing trade.

The Guild moreover awards higher education within textiles and builds up design along with cutting, and generates a variety of publications on every feature of framing. Being a Guild associate you'll contain access to support services and details and get listed into the Guild register.

Skills and knowledge:

  • artistic aptitude
  • an awareness into metal-working and wood-working
  • the capability to perform accurate work
  • excellent attentiveness and a logical approach
  • superior practical ability, eye-sight as well as color vision
  • math's proficiency for manipulating costs and measurements
  • fine customer service ability
  • good industry skills if freelance
Salary and Other Benefits:
  • Full time beginner picture framers may get approximately £12,500.
  • By experience, this might go up to £18,000 or extra.
Income for freelance framers varies according to the accomplishment of their trade.

Working Conditions:

Since a picture framer within a store or gallery, otherwise through a professional manufacturer, you'd frequently effort 37 - 40 hrs in a week. This might contain Saturdays, by means of one day off in the week. Being a freelance framer, you'll effort irregular hrs, probably from home.

You'd utilize specialist equipment, for example mounting and covering machines, as well as glass-cutting tools. Workshops are likely to be covered in dust, and you might necessitate utilizing protective tools for e.g. face mask.

Different Opportunities:

You may perhaps be in employment through specialist frame stores and makers, art galleries, contract framers, photographers, museums and gift store. Pay attention for posts publicized within newspapers and by employment plus.

Framing companies are generally minute to medium sized, hence your prospects for endorsement are expected to be limited.

On the other hand, you might be the owner of your individual business or else obtain a franchise. Several freelance framers contain links among local art-galleries otherwise photographers.


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