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Work Environment:

Engravers beautify/decorate glass via utilizing hand utensils or equipment to cut designs or inscription within the surface. They might generate unique designs or print accessible ones on an array of items together with bowls, goblets, decanters, glass panels and mirrors.

Being a glass engraver, you'd utilize equipment varying as of the simplest diamond point hand instrument to complex machines. You might use these tools in different ways together with:

  • point engraving: - mark the glass by a hand held diamond or tungsten carbide point device
  • stipple-engraving: - making the design completely of dots, describing regions of shade and light

  • drill-engraving: - utilizing a revolving bur into the hand piece of an electrical drill
  • copper-wheel engraving: - make use of machine driven wheels to outline the cut, and a mix up of oil as well as grit to perform the cutting
  • sand blasting sand or engraving: - use grit for eroding parts of glass that haven't been covered off
  • acid-etching: - make use of hydrofluoric acid towards parts chosen for decoration
  • hot-glass procedures: - engraving shared among glass blowing ability to produce diverse special effects
Every technique of engraving generates a diverse effect and needs a special altitude of skill. For e.g., you'd engrave solitary objects (like plates) by hand, however to engrave the similar design or words, for e.g. on group formed sets of souvenir glasses or commemoration, you'll apply a machine.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

You might be able to go straight into work as a trainee without any previous experience or qualifications. However, a background or qualifications in art, design or craft would be helpful.

You can study glass engraving at a range of levels and a useful way to start would be to take a beginners' course. You can also learn engraving as part of a qualification such as:

  • BTEC Level 3 Certificate or Diploma in Design Crafts
  • BTEC HND or foundation degree in 3D Design, or Applied Arts (Glass)
  • degree into a subject such as ceramic objects with glass, or glass, ceramics and architectural glass
To achieve a degree level track, you'll generally require a work portfolio. Captivating a course for example an art and design base otherwise BTEC Nationalized Diploma within an associated subject might be valuable and perhaps necessary. Confer with course contributors in support of accurate entry information since you could be acknowledged if you contain broad job experience paid or unpaid as well as an excellent portfolio.

You be able to hunt for colleges and universities presenting art and design foundation classes, base degrees, BTEC: HND in addition to degrees in the (UCAS) Universities and Colleges Admission Services site. Moreover verify the 'Links' block of the Guild of Glass-Engravers site for details of course contributors.

Training Details:

Just the once you're on job-training among an engraver or learning an appropriate course, you may unite the Guild of Glass-Engravers. Since a member of this proficient body you'll include access to:

  • exhibitions
  • work-shops: run by their local branches
  • an association of skilled engravers ready to provide details and advice
  • specifications of commission
  • a newsletter having essentials of classes as well as courses
You could even get it valuable to increase your skills, plus your career, through captivating an appropriate post-graduate otherwise Masters Qualification in Glass.

If you desire to grow to be freelance, you'll gain from obtaining a business course; ensure with Business Link for particulars of regional courses.

Skills and knowledge:

  • excellent hand to eye synchronization
  • a stable hand and practical proficiency
  • creative-flair, with an interest and talent into art, mainly drawing
  • patience with the ability to concentrate and work single-handedly for extended time
  • a systematic approach to your job
  • accurateness and awareness to detail
  • trading ability with the skill to market as well as sell your effort (if freelancer)
Salary and Other Benefits:
  • Engravers might earn among £12,600 and £19,000 yearly.
  • Experienced as well as freelance engravers could gross up to approximately £30,500 or additional.
Several engravers are working on piece-rates (a set price meant for every finished item) and are rewarded bonuses as per the amt. of work they do. Engravers operational shifts might obtain a shift-allowance otherwise additional pay against overtime.

Working Conditions:

You'd usually effort between 37 - 40 hrs in a week. If you're freelancer your hrs may be extra flexible, as per the amt. in addition to nature of work.

You'll be workshop or else factory based, and you might necessitate to dress in goggles, ear protection and a mask since surroundings can be dusty and noisy.

Different Opportunities:

You may perhaps get employment through glass manufacturing business and engraving corporations. You could even effort with high street retailers, silversmiths or else jewelry makers.

Through experience you might succeed higher engraver or administrator. Opportunities are limited, though, so you could get it helpful to create business contacts, for e.g. by the Guilds of Glass-Engravers.

You may perhaps continue to develop into freelance and effort from home otherwise place a minute workshop. Your achievement would rely on your capability being an engraver, your status, business and marketing talent.


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