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Work Environment:

Dressmakers create gauge clothes like skirts, miniskirts, trousers and dresses for their clients. They regularly manage small self sufficient businesses and they have specialty in a particular clothes style such as wedding dresses.

The same as a dressmaker, you have to perform following duties:

  • Conversing the customer's needs
  • Presenting sample books and materials to the customers
  • Advising on fabrication and patterns combination which can give the best results
  • Getting correct measurements

  • Adjusting an obtainable material or pattern, otherwise creating a new sample for the customer.
  • Working out the work cost including fabrics trimming and time required
  • Utilizing the pattern to cut out the pieces of cloth
  • Pining the cloth pieces as one for a fitting
  • Making fit the fabrics and adjusting to create proper fit
Sometimes you can make a sample named 'toile' away from cheaper cloth pattern to verify the design before cutting a posh cloth. You can use a machine for stitching, but complete difficult work like embroidery or beading by hand.

You can also present service of repair and alteration. Weightier cloths like suite or coats are generally made by tailors. You may be self-employed and complete your own accounts and other rules and regulations.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

You might enlarge your probability of achieving paid job via captivating a course which covers the common talent required for employment like a dressmaker. These contain:

  • City and Guilds: Certification into Design and Craft on (levels 1 - 3)
  • City and Guilds: Certification and qualification in levels: 1 - 3, into Creative Techniques within Fashion
  • ABC rewards into Sewing and Textiles by levels 1 - 2, and Pattern-Cutting on Level 3.
You will even discover a variety of small courses obtainable into procedures applicable to dressmaking by adult education centers, colleges and with Pvt. Providers. They might not initiate a qualification; however they will educate you a few of the skills desired for this job.

You might be capable to obtain this career by an Apprenticeship method. The variety of Apprenticeships obtainable within your district will rely on the regional employment market and the kinds of expertise employers require through their employees.

Training Details:

Once you're functioning like a dressmaker you can carry on increasing your abilities or talent via taking credentials on a part time basis, for e.g. a BTEC or HNC/HND, base degree otherwise degree into a subject such as fashion and textile-design skills. Learning at this altitude might be mainly valuable if you desire to extend a career within designing as well as creating garments.

Like a freelance dressmaker, you can get it useful to obtain a course for example an ABC (Level - 4) Diplomacy into Business for Creative-Practitioners.

Skills and Knowledge:

  • An awareness in fashion and textiles
  • Outstanding practical ability
  • The capability to visualize designs and layout sample piece
  • An approval for facts
  • The talent to contract diplomatically through customers
  • The skill to obtain correct measurements and make estimation
  • Excellent eyesight
  • Normal color visualization in favor of matching threads as well as fabrics
Salary and Other Benefits:
  • Initial earning meant for dressmakers is about $11,500 and $14,000 in a year.
  • Through experience and specialist ability, this can go up to between $16,000 and $21,000.
Freelance dressmakers place their individual rates.

Working Conditions:

You'd usually effort between 37 and 40 hrs in a week, counting Saturdays. Like a self employed dressmaker, you might select your personal hours, according to the amt. of work you contain as well as the targets you have to meet.

You will generally workshop based or work from residence. You can even pay out a little time meeting clients.

Different Opportunities:

You may perhaps come across job with minute dressmaking otherwise clothing manufacturers, tailoring firms, bigger high-street style chains and professional fashion house. You might as well discover special posts into costume fabrication in favor of TV, theater and film.

Chances to step forward are restricted unless you effort in favor of a tailoring company or design house. Through experience you can be endorsed to a management position, shift into an associated career like textile buying or fashion or turn out to be self-employed.

Careers might be publicized into the regional and nationalized press, by employment centers as well as on manufacturing sites, for instance Drapers.


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