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Work Environment:

Being a costume designer, you'd be liable in support of the general appearance of the clothes and attire into television, film, theater or productions. Carry out researches as well as design costumes; you'd frequently guide a team of group within the costume sector.

On a huge production, you have to generate the ideas however hand over the practical tasks to others for example wardrobe assistants, wardrobe supervisors and costume makers. You'd:

  • Read the script
  • Converse ideas among the director, production designer plus make-up, set and lighting designers
  • Produce costume thoughts to meet the production's design conception moreover budget

  • Explore suitable costume fabrics, styles and designs
  • Drawing costume designs
  • Provide directions to costume-makers, who'd convert your sketches in actual garments
On minor productions, you may even perform a few of the practical duties, for instance:
  • Running the wardrobe finances
  • Retailing or hiring garments
  • Altering, fitting moreover adjust costumes
  • Clean-up, ironing and mending
  • Ensuring that wardrobe things or items are obtainable on the exact time
  • Maintaining the stability of set of clothes while filming
Qualification, Education and Experience:

You will necessitate a high-level of design talent as well as creative visualization, plus practical stitching skills. In fact, numerous costume designers contain a BTEC: HND, grade or post-graduate qualification within costume designing, theater design, fashion or performing (production). Verify accurate entrance requirements by course contributors.

On the other hand, you can begin like a wardrobe assistant or else costume-maker and effort towards designer since you hold experience as well as make contact with the industry.

Whatsoever your credentials, you must get practical job experience and make an excellent portfolio or else 'show reel' DVD of your designing effort to demonstrate to prospective employers. You will be capable to get appropriate experience by:

  • Student's theater and film-productions
  • Part-time theater
  • Functioning like a costume 'daily': a temporary assistant on film sets or TV
  • Informal wardrobe job into theaters
  • Functioning in favor of a theatrical costume employ company
You might be proficient to initiate in the film and TV production by an apprenticeship method: fresh applicant training program like the BBC's design training scheme otherwise related methods carried out by local screening groups or training associations for e.g. (FT2) film and television and freelance training.

Struggle for posts on this type of schemes is extremely tough, thus you ought to still increase practical knowledge like clarified above prior to applying.

Go through the link to get more details regarding how a winning costume designer is constructing her profession.

Training Details:

The majority of your on-job training, opening as a wardrobe assistant or design assistant and learn through qualified or experienced designers.

You must keep on to building your portfolio and widen your skills as well as contacts all through your profession. You could get it valuable to unite institutions/companies such as the Costume Society and the Society of British-Theater Designers, for proficient recognition, networking and training prospects.

You can even obtain small courses into skillfulness for instance (CAD) computer-aided designing or else pattern-cutting. To seek applicable courses on behalf of film and TV costume designing, observe Skillset's record of media tracks or courses.

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Creativeness, imagination and analytical skills
  • Outstanding design ability
  • Superior communication and 'people' skill
  • Leadership capability
  • Managerial skills
  • Budget attentiveness
  • A excellent eye for details
  • The aptitude to effort under stress in addition to gather deadlines
  • Superior research talent, through a understanding of costume history and recent fashion
  • An adaptable and flexible attitude
  • Familiarity regarding the production procedure, together with technical features for e.g. sound and lighting
Salary and Other Benefits:
  • Income into theater might begin at about $18,500 to $29,000 yearly. Well-known designers can get much extra.
  • Pay scale in film and TV are generally high, even though you might necessitate to effort for small/low pay by the beginning of your profession.
Self-employed charges may differ extensively, as per the kind of production as well as your individual track-record. Get in touch with BECTU or else Equity for details on lowest pay procedures or guidelines.

Working Conditions:

Your hours might be extended and could occupy evening plus weekend effort to gather deadlines.

You might effort into an office, a studio or work from home. You'd even go to meetings among theaters or else TV/films production business.

Different Opportunities:

You have to be most probable to effort on freelance bonds for film and television creation companies, theaters as well as touring-theater companies. Permanent job isn't regular, however is likely in bigger theater corporations or design groups that hire staff on a full time basis.

You'd be liable to specialize within any: theater or else in film and TV, although you may perhaps work into both segments just the once you are recognized.

Various posts are publicized within the nationalized journals, employment press and industrial sites. But, it's further common to obtain job by connections and word of mouth, as well as via utilizing an agent or else crew register. Struggle for job is tough.


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