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Work Environment:

Being a ceramics designer, you'd design various items to be prepared by forming and firing clay. These can consist of decorative articles, crockery, kitchenware, and gifts.

Within big firms, you'd generally:

  • generate designs for bulk production
  • describe requirements of product
  • communicate with customers and other employees
  • design articles utilizing materials comprising ceramic objects, fine china, earthenware and porcelain
  • supervise production

Being a freelance ceramics designer-maker you'd:

  • design and create rarity designs
  • trade straight from your own store, studio or gallery, at exhibitions or craft fairs, or by different galleries or stores
  • create articles utilizing potter's wheel or mould or by using hand

Designers should ensure that their articles are about to sell, thus you'd be necessitated to maintain updated with latest trends and styles by performing research and being present at exhibitions and fairs.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

Generally, you'll necessitate a BTEC: HND or degree into a associated subject like ceramics or 3D-design. The helpful courses consist of inventive designs and also practical-skills, thus you must ensure that the course contents satisfy your requirements prior to making your selection.

To look for degrees and HNDs check the website of UCAS. Confirm with universities and colleges for their particular admission criteria.

You'll be required to arrange a work portfolio which you could demonstrate to possible providers of course and employers.

As the business is competitive, any experience you achieve will provide you a lead when it appears to acquiring a job. It could be useful studying about firms whose articles correspond to your style. Participating into shows, competitions and exhibitions could also be an excellent method of being observed by companies.

If you want to be freelance ceramics designer-maker, you can improve practical-skills on various ceramic courses provided by regional colleges, and several pottery-studios carry out weekend and summer training courses.

Check the website of Studio Pottery for details regarding events, awards, galleries, competitions and courses, and a list of designers to which associates can insert their particulars.

Training Details:

While you're functioning as a ceramics designer, you'll be necessitated to stay updated with latest design-trends, materials and technical developments. You can accomplish this by being present at workshops, seminars and short training courses. See the website of Studio Pottery for further information.

If you encompass a degree you can acquire associated courses at postgraduate level to increase your knowledge. Check the website of Hobsons-Postgrad for particulars of courses.

Skills and knowledge:

  • marketing and commercial skills
  • the capability to study and assess related design details
  • a comprehension of shape and color
  • outstanding negotiating and communication abilities
  • understanding of the material's attributes and the technological procedures concerned
  • creativeness
  • the capability to convey designs and ideas by computer pictures and sketches
Salary and Other Benefits:
  • Beginners can receive about $17,000 annually.
  • Earnings of experienced designers can be around $31,000 or above.
Income for freelance designers or makers relies on the achievement of their business.

Working Conditions:

Being a ceramics designer hired by a firm, you'll normally work for placed standard hours, even though you might have to work for extended hours to meet up targets.

If you're a freelance designer or maker, your working hours will differ as per the quantity of work, and you might have to complement your earnings by other jobs on part or full time basis.

Normally, you'll operate within a workshop or studio, although might have chances to voyage to visit producers often abroad, or give study visits to exhibitions or to specific sites associated to a theme of design.

Different Opportunities:

You can work with big ceramic manufacturers and retail-outlets. You'll generally initiate as an assistant or trainee prior to become a designer. Once you've improved the abilities you necessitate to be an acknowledged ceramics designer, you can advance to positions like senior designer.

Then again, you may choose to be a freelance designer hired by a firm for particular assignments, or a self employed maker or designer.

The crafts officials or the Crafts-Council of your local arts panel can give guidance on availability of studio and potential funding resources.


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