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Work Environment:

Jockeys transact by certified instructors to ride horses on race conferences. They race moreover on the flat i.e. on a race-track exclusive of obstacles or across jumps recognized as Nationalized Hunt-racing.

Your job as a jockey will consist of:

  • Setting up racing policies among the trainer and owner
  • Capturing suggestion as of the instructor on strategies to go well with the horse and the pathway
  • Riding daily to perform exercises of your horse
  • Ride your horse at jump race or at race-tracks just about the UK

You will concentrate in any flat or jump-racing, even though you may join in both.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

You must not weigh up above 9 stone 7lbs like a jump-jockey and around 8 stone being a flat-jockey. You initially require to be hired through a trainer into a racing-yard since any of the subsequent:

  • An trainee jockey
  • A qualified jockey
prior to turn into a apprentice or qualified jockey you will generally effort as a steady hand (also identified as stable lass or lad), performing tasks such as fill up hay nets, mucking-out stables, cleaning the yard, grooming, taking exercises of horses and feed them plus provide water.

You may arrange for job in a racing field through carrying out the NVQ: (level 1 and 2) Racehorse-Care Residential Classes. This particular course is free of charge if you're aged among 16 and 22. The teaching centers in support of the course are as follows:

  • (NRS): the Northern-Racing College in Doncaster
  • (BRS) : the British-Racing School in Newmarket
The course contains:
  • A residential base of 9 to 12 weeks
  • A 12 month apprenticeship within a racing-yard, leading to NVQ: Level-2 in Race-horse Care
If you're previously functioning into a racing-yard, you might be competent to accomplish NVQ: (Level 2) in Race-horse Care via day release. You may obtain information of colleges presenting or providing the NVQ on the British Horse racing Board site.

If you demonstrate extraordinary riding skillfulness you could subsequently be chosen to guide being a conditional or apprentice jockey.

You might be capable to obtain this employment by an Apprenticeship method. The series of Apprenticeships obtainable in your region will rely on the local employment market and the sorts of proficiency employers require as of their staff.

Training Details:

Being an apprentice or qualified jockey, you will obtain on-job training. The trainer acquires liability for where and which horses you may ride as well as make a decision when you're proficient and prepared to race frequently after around 2 yrs. You will then submit an application to the British Horse racing Authority for obtaining a license to ride.

Prior to the license is honored, you may necessitate to acquire a Conditional-License course by the BRS: in Newmarket or 5 day residential Apprentice or the NRC: in Doncaster. You will even have to clear a medical.

Just the once you have obtained a license being a trainee or qualified jockey, you will accomplish your apprenticeship at your instructor's work area. You may generally achieve this among the ages of 16 and 25 or 27 is fine for racing over-jumps, after that you be able to turn into a proficient jockey.

To continue your license, you will require carrying on your progress by captivating a Conditional Continuation course, 4 day Apprentice and a superior Apprentice otherwise Conditional-course.

As an apprentice or qualified you may effort in the direction of NVQ: (Level 3) within Race horse Care and Management.

Skills and Knowledge:

  • A high altitude of expertise within riding and managing horses
  • Strength, health and resistance
  • Willpower and enthusiasm
  • Good vision and rapid reaction to speeds
  • The capability to effort fine with others
  • The aptitude to handle the threats and stress of racing
  • Understanding of horse-care and wellbeing
Salary and Other Benefits:

Jockeys get a riding charge and a proportion of award money. Several jockeys even receive sponsorship agreements.

Working Conditions:

You have to effort approximately 40-45 hours in a week, according to the no. of races you participate in. You will be present at races courses all around the UK, thus you should be ready to voyage and pay out time being away from residence.

Your job might be actually challenging, frequently involve early start as well as late finishes. There's big risk of damage/injury from collapsing and kicks.

Different Opportunities:

There are around 500 racing stables within the country, mostly in countryside regions. Job scenario for qualified stable-hands are generally excellent, however development to trainee jockey is tricky and turning into a booming proficient jockey yet more so.

Being a certified jockey, you could effort for individual trainer or owner, or ride in favor of diverse trainers and owners like a self employed jockey. You can work in support of stables abroad, particularly in Japan, Dubai as well as in USA.

You will generally withdraw from riding in age 45 or 35 in favor of jump-jockeys. By the conclusion of your riding profession you be able to acquire instructions on re-training and service through the Jockey's Employment and Training-Scheme.


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