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Work Environment:

Being a horticultural worker, you will be concerned in budding plants in support of any the following reasons:

  • Production-horticulture - produce and sell plants for whichever foodstuff or else decoration
  • Garden centers - manufacturing plants used for trading to the community or people.
  • Amenity horticulture - oversee regions for e.g. parks and public as well as botanical gardens.

Your everyday responsibilities will usually contain:

  • Planting bulbs or sowing-seeds
  • Cultivating plants from by grafting and cuttings, and doing general tidying
  • Lay paths and care for ornamental features
  • Look after plants:- weeding, watering, feeding, pruning plus spraying
  • Mow grass, cutting branches and dull growths
As per the job, you may even choose, arrange and enclose produce that must be sent to dealers, and trade plants and additional products as well as advice consumers into a garden-center.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

You don't generally require credentials to turn out to be a horticultural worker - you may perhaps be capable to search job if you posses experience within a related field like farming or forestry, or include expertise and awareness achieved through gardening since a hobby. It will be valuable to contain experience in consumer service if you desire to effort into a garden-center.

You could observe that it's helpful to grow knowledge as well as skills by being present at full or part time courses before searching for occupation, even though this isn't necessary. Applicable courses consist of:

  • NPTC: (Level-1) Certification in Land based Studies including an alternative into horticulture.
  • NVQ: (Level-1) in Horticulture
  • (RHS): Royal-Horticultural-Society (Level-2) Certification in Horticulture
  • BTEC: 1st Diploma within Horticulture
  • NVQ: (Level-2) in Production Horticulture and in Amenity Horticulture - you will generally require NVQ: (level 1) or else applicable job experience
  • NPTC: (Level 2) Nationalized Certification in Horticulture
  • NPTC: (Level 3) Higher Nationalized Certification within Horticulture
  • BTEC: Nationalized Certification and Diploma in Horticulture
  • RHS: (Level-3) Advanced Certification into Horticulture - you will typically necessitate the RHS: Level-2 Certification into Horticulture or else a corresponding altitude of criterion.
Course opening necessities may differ, thus you must ensure through individual institutions. Go through the RHS site for more information of RHS credentials and centers presenting training.

You might be capable to obtain this employment by an Apprenticeship method. The variety of Apprenticeships obtainable in your region will count on the regional employment market and the kinds of expertise employers require from their employees.

Training Details:

As you begin working you could get on job education through experienced employees as well as superiors. You might even be competent to effort on the way to credentials together with:

  • NVQ: (Level-1) in Horticulture
  • NVQ: (Level 2 and 3) in Production-Horticulture
  • NVQ: (Level 2 and 3) in Amenity-Horticulture
  • NVQ: (Level 4) in Amenity-Horticulture Management.
Level: 3 and 4 are appropriate if you administer or handle additional staff.

If your work occupies duties that might be risky, for example using pesticides and functioning chainsaws, you will require certification of competency which is honored via the (NPTC): Nationalized Proficiency Test-Council.

Go through the NPTC site for more details regarding the certification, and of another NPTC small courses which may increase your proficiency and understanding.

Skills and Knowledge:

  • An awareness within plants as well as their care
  • Practical ability
  • The talent to recognize and trail health and security measures
  • The capability to effort individually or else in a group
  • Consumer service and currency management expertise for garden-center job
Salary and Other Benefits:

Horticultural workers may get from approximately $12,500 to about $22,000 in a year.

Working Conditions:

You will generally effort 40 hours in a week, while several careers are serial or seasonal, by means of extended hours throughout the summer. You might have to effort week-ends as well as evenings, mainly into garden-centers. Your job will be actually challenging, concerning lifting, carrying and bending.

Different Opportunities:

Posts in amenity-horticulture are mostly in bigger towns and cities, functioning for regional assemblies, caring for gardens, public-parks and playing grounds. Assemblies/councils gradually employ more confidential contractors to carry out this job, thus you can as well seek service among these.

Through experience you might build up your personal garden maintenance work or nursery.

In bigger institutions, you may possibly include the opportunity to growth to manager and supervisory posts just the once you contain experience otherwise additional qualifications.


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