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Work Environment:

Being a horticultural therapist, you might utilize gardening as a method to progress your customer's health and safety. You may effort among a wide variety of customers, together with:

  • Citizens with mental fitness problems, physical disabilities and studying difficulties
  • Aged people
  • Offenders and ex offenders
  • People improving from alcohol or drug abuse, major damages or illnesses

Your job differs relying on your customer group, however may contain:

  • Building up customer's social or practical ability, assurance or self-respect
  • Adapt projects as per the desires of individual customers
  • Assisting customers to study or re-learn fundamental proficiency, together with numeric and literacy
  • Provide encouraging outside activities and do exercises to restore potency and mobility subsequent to an illness or accident
  • Hold up and encouraging customers, and supervising their growth
  • Sustaining customers in achieving horticultural credentials or about employment
  • Functioning intimately with other proficient like social workers and psychologists
Your job will contain administering employees and volunteers, representing offers for assignments, and concerning for financial support.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

If you contain credentials and past experience within horticulture otherwise in career for example occupational therapy, social work, and teaching or nursing, you might add to skills into horticultural-therapy through:

  • Attend small courses and volunteering on societal as well as therapeutic-horticulture tasks, or
  • Finishing a course directing to a skill or education in public and therapeutic -horticulture - accessible at a lesser number of institutions

You may focus a range of small courses carried out through the nationalized charity, Thrive. You be able to complete Thrive courses mutually as a fresh applicant and previously you include experience.


Voluntary openings are obtainable through Thrive if you reside within traveling remoteness of their grounds in Battersea: South London, Hackney: North London, Rotherham: South Yorkshire, Beech Hill: near Reading and Perth: Scotland. Thrive moreover has the information of new projects in the region of the UK.

You may observe additional volunteering prospects within your region via visiting a site as:


Courses that lead to credentials in public and therapeutic-horticulture contain:

  • Diploma in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture as well as Professional Development Certification at Coventry Campus
  • Proficient Development: Diploma within Social and Therapeutic-Horticulture by Askham Bryan College.
  • foundation degree in public and Therapeutic-Horticulture at Whittle College
  • BSc: (Hons) - Horticulture and Environmental Administration by the University of Reading - comprises a element in Horticultural-Therapy
  • Diploma and MSc into Horticulture through the University of Reading.
You might be acknowledged on few of these classes exclusive of training in social care, horticulture, health-care or education if you contain experience in any of these fields, possibly achieved via volunteering.

As you will be operating among vulnerable citizens, you will require CRB authorization prior to start a course otherwise job.

See the Thrive website for information on courses, volunteering opportunities and working in social and therapeutic horticulture.

Training Details:

Once you're working being horticultural-therapist, you might obtain on-job training.

You can even expand your skillfulness by doing small courses like those carried out by Thrive, or by functioning in the direction of qualifications into horticulture, similar to the RHS: Royal-Horticultural Society - Diploma within Horticulture.

Skills and Knowledge:

  • An intense awareness into horticulture
  • Tolerance, patience and understanding
  • The capability to recount confidently and politely to all customers
  • An encouraging, enthusiastic and inspirational approach
  • The aptitude to train a ample range of expertise
  • Attentiveness of health and safety measures
  • The capability to formulate the majority of limited resources
Salary and Other Benefits:

Horticultural therapists may earn about $18,000 to over $26,000 in a year.

There are no nationwide scales, and salaries differ between managers.

Working Conditions:

Your functioning hours will be changeable, as well as might consist of week-ends and evenings. There might be openings for part time job.

You will effort largely out-of-doors and in structures as greenhouses.

Different Opportunities:

Since horticultural-therapy is quite new, you will locate comparatively some vacancies publicized. Various associations might present applicable jobs in diverse titles for example horticultural trainer or project manager. Thrive provide work for therapists into 4 gardens in the region of the UK.

You can seek job on structured projects for exacting customer groups for e.g. offenders and ex-offenders, or utilize horticultural-therapy since fraction of an extensive role, like occupational-therapy. You may perhaps effort for a no. of dissimilar businesses, counting:

  • Day service otherwise community-based assignments
  • Rehabilitation divisions
  • Prisons
  • Hospitals
  • Voluntary and charitable institutes
  • Schools as well as colleges

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