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Work Environment:

Like a dog handler, you will effort with a specifically qualified dog and contain liability for its concern and control. You have to work mostly in favor of the army, the police and RAF, HM-Revenue moreover Customs-service or else private security agency.

You and your dog would labor like a team, serving to avoid as well as identify crime, uncover missing or lost persons or protect assets, as per the service you effort for.

Within the police-force dogs are employed for:

  • Following missing people
  • Directing crowds, for e.g. on football games
  • Seek out for volatile or prohibited drugs
  • Chase armed criminals
  • Guard prisoners
Within the RAF and Army dogs are exercised in:
  • Safeguarding military field area and aircraft-hangers
  • Find land mines plus more explosives
  • Look for casualties
HM Revenue and Customs make use of dogs at airports, ports also on large stations to distinguish:
  • Tobacco, drugs and cigarettes
  • Food products like dairy produce and meat which are being transported into the nation unlawfully into the security business dogs are utilized for:
    • Watching and safeguarding property
    • Provide security on production sites
    • Granting safety measures at proceedings
You may even effort for additional services, like the prison service, the fire-service and mountain rescue.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

In favor of services for instance the police service and the army, you must be functioning into the service prior to turn out to be a dog handler. You should in that case have to gather your company's necessities to turn into a dog handler, like phase of experience. For e.g. police dog handlers generally require minimum 3 years job experience into average police occupation earlier than moving towards the dog sector.

Entrance requirements in favor of the Rescue service and National Search differ to some extent as of association to association, however in common to grow to be a trainee-handler you should have been a permanent associate of a Mountain-Rescue panel for above 12 months, and be anticipated as well as sustained by them.

In favor of private security business, you will be estimated to contain experience of functioning among dogs, however further openings may differ relying on the corporation. NASDU: The Nationalized Society of Security-Dog Users suggests that you must initially obtain experience like a security officer ahead of taking into consideration of turning into security-dog handler.

By rule security-guards together with dog handlers should contain a (SIA) Security Industry Authority license. To acquire a license you ought to:

  • Be present at an standard teaching course
  • Accomplish a nationwide accepted qualification
  • Posses an individual security check and CRB authorization
You will require a driving-license for the majority employment.

Training Details:

While you begin working as a dog-handler your schooling would differ as per the association. For instance, within the police force you have to:

  • Focus on a training classes
  • Obtain training through an experienced handler meant for a month ahead of leaving on patrol
  • Accomplish a 1 year trial period
Into the RAF and Army you may:
  • Focus a 2 week fundamental course through a trained-dog by the Defense Animal Institution
  • Be present at further courses cover duties for example come across casualties and detect mines
In every organization you may collect ongoing training to certify that you maintain the essential principles.

Inside the security business you might accomplish NVQ: Level 2 in offering Security Services.

Being a dog-handler in whichever service you may effort in the direction of NVQ: (levels 1- 3) Animal-Care.

Skills and knowledge:

  • Knowledge of caring-for dogs
  • Self-assurance
  • Patience
  • The capacity to effort with least administration
  • Excellent inspection skill
  • The talent to evaluate a condition perfectly and respond immediately
Salary and Other Benefits:

Experienced handler may get up, and over, $26,000.

Earnings rely on the employing association plus the handler's position.

Working Conditions:

Within the entire services you have to work timings on a Rota which cover up 24 hrs, 7 days in a week. Into the Army and RAF you might be called-out at whichever time to transact with urgent situations.

In several associations, like the police-service, you will care for your dog in your individual home, thus you will require appropriate facilities. The job is actually challenging: - you may necessitate upholding with your dog all through tough training period, and would effort remotely in every climate situation.

Different Opportunities:

You could get details and opinion regarding in going the Army and RAF scheduled their websites plus from regional Armed Forces-Careers Offices. On behalf of fire service employment enquiry, get in touch with the recruitment or personnel units of regional fire services.

You will achieve endorsement in the similar way like for some supplementary job into the institutions. For e.g. you must pass examinations to turn out to be a warrant officer or a sergeant into the police in the army and RAF. You will not generally become a dog handler over the grade of sergeant within the police-force or corporal into the RAF and army, therefore you will necessitate to quit dog handling condition you want to step forward.


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