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Agricultural Engineering Technician Career

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Work Environment:

Since an agricultural engineering technician, you'll set up service and sell horticultural and agricultural machines, for instance logging and tractors equipment. You have to generally effort in one of 3 regions: service and repair, manufacturing or marketing and sales.

Manufacturing will engage:

  • Serving agricultural engineers build up new goods
  • Create equipment devices by means of CAD:- computer aided design software

  • Creating parts and building machines
  • Analyzing the machinery's mechanical and electrical systems
Service and repair may cover up:
  • Building maintenance verification on electronic, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic methods/systems
  • Install machinery on-site
  • Scrutinizing and checking equipment
  • Training machine operators as well as agricultural employees
Sales and marketing might include:
  • Exploring machinery growth and market tendency
  • Representing and advertising fresh equipment and parts
  • Administering customer accounts
  • Coping with orders and enquiries
You may work for a range of trades, from equipment producers to stock or fish-farms.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

You could be competent to enter this career like an apprentice through a service and repair contractor or equipment manufacturer. Employers generally demand approximately 4 GCSEs grades A to C, in science, math's, English, design and technology and engineering or corresponding qualifications.

The variety of Apprenticeships accessible in your region will rely on the local career market plus the sorts of proficiency employers require from their employees.

As an option, you can obtain the BTEC National Certification or Diploma within Land Based Technology prior to seeking job. It's presented essentially through agricultural colleges and includes numerous alternatives, together with:

  • Pneumatics and hydraulics
  • Electrical and electronic systems
  • Mistakes finding as well as repair
  • Agricultural machinery
The National Certification and Diploma into Agriculture even includes elements in machinery process along with vehicle technology.

Training Details:

Once you're functioning, you can get the NVQ within Land based Service Engineering at levels 2 and 3. The honor contains various units, counting:

  • Diagnosing errors in tractor and machinery
  • Repairing and dismantling machinery and components
  • Testing renovated equipment
  • Welding proficiency
By means of a Level: 3 NVQ, you can advance your job prospects via listing with the Engineering Council to achieve (Engineering Technology) Engineering Technician position.

You might also assist your job prospects through applying in favor of membership in the IAgrE. They recommend a program of continuing qualified improvement, which can facilitate you to documentation and plan your career development.

Skills and Knowledge:

  • A dedicated attention in engineering know-how
  • Fine practical ability
  • The capability to examine and resolve problems promptly
  • The talent to supervise and categorize your individual workload
  • Excellent communication as well as conciliation skills
  • A logical intensity of strength
  • An understanding of health and safety measures
  • The ability to effort single-handedly and like element of a team
  • A keenness to work-flexibly
Salary and Other Benefits:
  • Preliminary earnings are between $12,000 and $14,000 in a year.
  • Through qualifications, this may go up to between $14,500 and $20,500.
  • Superior agricultural technicians can get around $25,000 annually.
You might obtain further allowances for functioning in shifts and overtime.

Working Conditions:

Within manufacturing, you may perhaps be working into engineering workshop or a factory on a shift basis. Service and repair career might contain extended and wide-ranging hours, with overtime frequent, mainly through the summer period.

In Sales, you'll be exposed on the road meeting clients that can denote overnight stay away from residence.

Different Opportunities:

Employers differ in size from huge worldwide manufacturing corporations to minute machinery dealers and service agents. If you effort for a multinational corporation, you could be specified the opportunity to work overseas, mostly in developing nations.

Being a trained technician, you can be encouraged to higher technician, or shift into training, retailing or executive roles.

Here are certain examples of agricultural technician resume for excelling in your interested career.


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