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Work Environment:

Art therapists utilize art as a means of facilitating individuals to state complex feelings and thoughts by inventive actions and activities.

Your customers would not require any creative aptitude. While working as an art therapist, you are not required to coach art to your customers. Rather, you would motivate them to conduct experiments with art methods and substances like clay, paint and paper. This would be with the intention of assisting customers to:

  • To gain a positive attitude
  • Approaching to conditions with hard period in their life
  • Get realization of their thoughts and feelings
  • To convey their feelings, opinion and sentiments
  • Handle their emotions considerably
You could carry out individual or group sitting with customers. It might consist of people going through conditions like psychological health issues, vocalization and verbal communication problems, behavioral or emotional complexities, and those recuperating from injury, addiction or sickness and disability to learn, read and write.

You would practice generally with other health care experts like psychiatrists, professional therapists, social workers, nurses, and psychologists.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

You are required to finish a Masters or diploma at the level of post graduation acknowledged by British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) to work as an art therapist. You should get enrolled with the Health Professions Council (HPC), after getting certified.

HPC and BAAT acknowledged Masters or postgraduate diploma in Art Psychotherapy or Art Therapy are normally 3 years part time or 2 years full time. To obtain a training course you will generally have to be an art teacher or a degree in design and art. You might also be well thought out if you have a qualifications in other subjects for example social work or psychology. Confirm with providers of training course for accurate admission particulars.

For more information on acknowledged training courses check the website of HPC and BAAT.

Several employers and providers of training course also would like you to have pertinent unpaid or salaried experience, such as, working with people with psychological health problems or disabilities or in the community in health care, on projects related to arts. For guidance on voluntary openings, you can make contact with the coordinator of voluntary services at NHS.

While working with few trusts of NHS, you can initiate practice as an assistant therapist. For this position, you may not require any diploma, certificate or qualifications, but appropriate unpaid or salaried practice would be more helpful.

You can acquire a preliminary training course in art remedy or therapy other inventive therapy provided by various colleges.

Training Details:

After carrying out recognized training course successfully, you will study subject matters like concepts and history of art therapy, child growth and progress, psychology and psychiatry. You will participate into placements and training, and you will go through individual therapy by yourself.

As an enrolled art therapist, you will have usual administration sitting with other therapists which are also an enrolled administrator. You will also be anticipated to maintain your skills, knowledge and information updated with latest research, or courses like by obtaining workshops, seminars or short training courses provided by the BAAT or other professional organizations.

Skills and knowledge:

  • Emotionally stable
  • Endurance and dedication
  • A supple and adjustable behavior
  • Compassion and the aptitude to achieve customers' confidence
  • The self assurance to practice with people in groups and with individuals
  • Superb proficiency in listening and communication
  • Experience and practice of functioning in the arts
  • The capability to narrate to persons from every backdrops
  • Brilliant understanding or interest in psychology
  • Ingenuity, creativeness, perception and instincts
  • The capability to manage complicated and delicate matters

Salary and Other Benefits:

  • Working art therapists can be paid between from £25,000 to £35,000 a year.
  • By more experience and practice this can increase to roughly £48,000.

Working Conditions:

Your standard hours of working would be from 9am to 5pm, on weekdays, even though several works may occupy weekend or evening meetings. Freelance and Part time practice is general.

You could practice in different backgrounds like hospitals, prisons, hospice, day center, schools, as per your customer group. You may have to go to various places for practice.

Different Opportunities:

You will locate many job openings within the NHS. You could also discover opportunities with the prison services, voluntary associations, in individual practice, or local establishment.

Most of the jobs openings are provisional or part time and depend upon associations achieving back up for specific assignment or projects. This could indicate that you merge practice as an art therapist with other work functions, or have additional employer in art therapy.

With more practice, you may carry on to handle unit of an art therapy or to coach as a therapy administrator or direct a group of therapists


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